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Quick Steps Solution to Recover Deleted Mails From PST Files

March 29th, 2023 ~ Recovery, Restore ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Outlook has a data file called PST which stores and manages all the mail, messages, contact list, tasks, notes etc. several users around the world uses this Email client for oversea communication and share data through this. However, at times, user somehow accidentally deletes their messages or sometimes a single or successive mail gets deleted when deleting the other one. So, if you consider yourself in the same situation then go through this post as it explains the best ways to recover deleted mails from PST.

Reason For Email Files Getting Deleted

These are some reasons why it requires to recover deleted emails Outlook PST

  • Unintentionally deleting all the emails from PST.
  • Deleted emails retention time is completed/over.
  • The user by mistake deletes the other one while removing the required one.
  • When Outlook Advanced option “Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook” has been chosen.

As we have seen the reasons, now let’s move forward and understand the types of Deletion in Outlook.

Different Types of File Deletion In Outlook

Every tool or application does have the option to delete files. Outlook comes with the option to temporarily or permanently delete files in PST.

When files are deleted on a temporary basis, the files remain in the trash for a limited period of time. After that, the file permanently gets deleted. So, the user gets a second chance to restore those files once they performed file deletion.  On the other hand, using the “Shift+Delete” button the selected files permanently get deleted which later cannot be recovered.

Now that we are familiar with the File Deleting Types, let’s move towards the solutions to recover deleted mails from PST and other items.

Restore Emails in Outlook By Accessing The Deleted Items Folder

Outlook provides a folder where you may save all of your deleted email messages, and if necessary, you can instantly recover/restore them. But you must first check that the retention period—which by default is 14 days—is set to your requirements before beginning the restoration procedure. To retrieve deleted emails from the Outlook folder, follow the procedures below.

  1. Open MS Outlook and search for Deleted Items folder option.
  2. Then make the selection of the email that needs to be restored.
  3. Now, to move the restored files select the folder.
  4. Click the Recover Items Recently Removed from this folder link. If the user is unable to find the email files to recover.
  5. In the Recover Deleted Items wizard, choose the list of emails to restore and click Ok.
  6. To complete the restoration process open the selected folder and the email files will be recovered in saved there.

Using Backup and Restore to Recover Deleted Mails From PST

If the backup is available with the user, then the user can quickly recover deleted messages from PST file.

1: Open the Control Panel and search for backup and press Restore my files.

2: Then Browse for Files or a folder to select a previously created backup.

3: Now choose the location to save the backup file.

Note – The above-mentioned methods can be used in case of temporary Email File Deletion.

A Professional Tool to Recover Deleted Mails from PST

Outlook PST File Recovery Tool is the best for users to recover deleted emails Outlook PST and other items like Contacts, Notes, calendars etc. The software is developed in order to recover or restore permanently deleted email files. It provides a feature for recovering PST files or Outlook.bak files which are large in number. The selected files can also be restored. It uses some advanced features and different scanning modes which make the process of recovery easier.

Quick Guided Steps to Restore Emails in Outlook

1: Download the tool on Windows OS and select Add Files to insert the PST files to recover deleted messages from PST file.

recover deleted mail from PST

2: Choose either the Select File or Search File option to choose the PST file. Use the Advanced scanning option. Also, mention the Storage Folder Path. Then press Add.

scanning mode

3: After the scanning process completes, all the Items files will be displayed and deleted files will appear in Red colour. Now use the Export Selected to recover the selected files.

displaying all email files

4: Then, the Export Option Screen will appear, choose the PST option as Export Type, use advanced settings, and enter the destination folder to save the retrieved email files. Then hit the Export button to recover deleted mails from PST.

recover deleted mail from PST

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There can be a few scenarios in which by mistake or due to other reasons, the user somehow deletes the email files from PST. Hence, recovering deleted files becomes the priority. Based on the types of deletion we have mentioned the solution to recover deleted mails from PST. For Temporary deletion, the user can manually retrieve them. But, for permanent deletion, one can use the automated solution which scans through the PST files and recover deleted messages from PST files.