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Know How to Recover Lost Outlook Contacts List?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 5, 2023 • Recovery , Restore • 5 Minutes Reading

You don’t need to stress about storing and organising your contacts when using an effective tool like Outlook by Microsoft because it takes care of these tasks automatically. With all those fantastic features, you are, however, also incredibly reliant on your Outlook data. But sometimes the situation arises when a user requires to recover lost Outlook contacts and other items. But when we talk about email contacts, this could be the reason why a user lost their all contacts.

  • Formatting your PC without having any backup.
  • Data gets deleted on your PC due to a malicious virus or trojan in the system.
  • Issues arise during the Outlook update process.
  • Deleting your Outlook account or contacts accidentally.

So here, we have discussed 3 different methods to retrieve deleted contacts in Outlook based on the case consider all the possible solutions and use the suitable one.

Quick Steps to Recover Lost Contact List Outlook

  1. Download and launch the tool and add files.
  2. Select or Search the files and use Advanced scanning.
  3. Click on the Contacts tab to see the missing contact files.
  4. Select Export type as PST to Export the files.

Retrieve Deleted Contacts in Outlook By Using the “Deleted Items folder”

If by chance the user has deleted the contacts or the contacts missing from Outlook. Users can simply go to Deleted Item Folder and retrieve deleted contacts in Outlook.

Steps to regain all your contacts:

1:Launch the MS Outlook application and go to the email folders list now choose the “Deleted Items” folder.

2:Now, press the “Search Deleted Items” to search the missing/deleted contacts lists to recover.

3:Once the required list of contacts is restored then right-click on the file>Move, choose a Folder and then opt for the file ”Contacts” to move the restored file to move there.

Now, go to the contacts list and verify whether all the required contacts are recovered or not. 

Recover Lost Outlook Contacts When It’s Not Available in the Deleted folder

Sometimes users will face that the deleted item folder doesn’t contain the deleted contacts. In that case, the user can consider a folder marked Recoverable Items to retrieve deleted contacts in Outlook


1: Open the same page “Deleted Items“, press the “Home” tab and click on the option “Recover Deleted Items from Server”.


2: To search for a specific contact, press the Subject header, all the items present in the column will be arranged by subject. The same thing can be done on the other side “From” column to arrange by the sender. Find out the required one.


3: Now select the needful contacts and mark the radio button “Restore Selected Items” and press Ok.

Using this method the selected contacts will get restored and move to the “Deleted Items Folder”. Now follow the first method to retrieve deleted contacts in Outlook.

After Retrieving the contacts, Where does the list go? When feasible, the contacts you choose to recover will be returned to their original folders. The contacts are restored to your default Contacts folder if the initial folder is gone.

After understanding the manual methods to restore missing contacts Outlook, let’s explore the quickest possible solution to recover lost contact list in Outlook.

Most Recommended Solution to Recover Lost Outlook Contacts

One can have an issue like what else we can do when we have to restore missing contacts Outlook from multiple Outlook accounts. Well, in that case using an automated tool will be an effective solution to retrieve deleted contacts in Outlook. Users can go for Outlook File Recovery Software which makes the PST item recovery process easier. Without losing any data they can easily restore all their address/contacts and use them. The Process is automated and doesn’t require any other application to recover permanently deleted data items from Outlook. Users can use this tool to regain all the contacts missing from Outlook using a Windows or a Mac OS.

How to Recover Lost Contact list Outlook Using the Software?

Guided steps to complete the process to Outlook recover lost contacts

1: Download and open the Tool on Win or Mac system to recover lost Outlook contacts.

recover lost Outlook contacts
2: Use the “Add File” option for adding PST or BAK data files.

add PST files to recover conatcts
3: Then, users can see the preview of data and select the required emails.

preview all restored contact list
4: Now, choose the PST file and click on Export or select the Export Selected option. Finally, the process will begin to recover deleted contacts from Outlook.

recover lost Outlook contacts

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Outlook users sometimes face a problem where they can’t find their contacts, maybe they deleted them unintentionally or due to any technical failure, the contacts and other items got deleted. Hence through this blog, we have explained the solutions which can be used to recover lost Outlook contacts. The above blog includes manual and automated methods. So, based on the scenario one can use any solution to restore contacts missing from Outlook.