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Effective Ways to Recover Deleted Emails from PST File

Restore Deleted Emails from PST File
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 12, 2023 • Recovery , Restore • 7 Minutes Reading

This blog focuses on discussing the effective ways to recover deleted emails from PST file. Though this topic search ratio is very less, still some users look for solutions to restore permanently deleted emails in Outlook data files. It is observed that the permanently deleted files are not erased from the system until overwritten. Hence, the recovery of the deleted file is possible. Here, after going through the designated manual steps, we will also discuss an automated solution. 

From a holistic point of view, a storage facility is available everywhere to recover deleted items. This failsafe mechanism for MS Windows or OS is known as Recycle bin. Likewise, email client applications provide a separate folder to store the deleted files. For instance, if we consider Microsoft Outlook, which has a built-in mechanism named as Deleted Items folder. This recovery facility is compatible with all versions of Outlook such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other versions. Besides this, we will also discover “Can I recover deleted emails from PST file?”

Generally, when a user performs a soft deletion of emails i.e. normal deletion, the deleted items land in the Deleted Items folder. Here, the deleted items are stored in this folder for a certain period after which deleted. This time duration is decided by the Retention Period policy of Microsoft Outlook. After the expiration of this duration, the emails automatically removes from the Deleted Items folder. By default, the time is set to 14 days. However, you can alter the retention period of Outlook easily. 

Reasons to Recover the Permanently Deleted Emails 

When we delete an email from the inbox, it gets into the trash folder. Then, if we empty the trash folder, it permanently vanquishes. Here, in this section, we will be discussing some of the necessities to recover permanently deleted emails. 

  1. Accidental Deletion: There are two possible cases.
  • Unknowingly, a user could delete some important emails from their inbox, then followed by clearing the Deleted Items folder. 
  • The user mistakenly permanently deletes emails with attachments from Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc. (A Shift + Del shortcut will permanently erase all selected messages from Outlook). For permanent deletion, the automated method is best to recover deleted emails from pst file.
  1. Clean-Up: This step is very commonly held. When the Outlook data file size exceeds, then the best way is to clear the unwanted emails. Further, utilizing the Deleted Items folder is an ideal choice to resolve the oversize issues. Besides this, Outlook also facilitates an option of ‘Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook’ to empty the Deleted Items folder simply. 
  2. Retention Period: Usually, on the normal deletion of Outlook emails, it gets stored in Deleted Items folder. However, after the exhaustion of the retention period, the deleted messages automatically vanish. This is why, the retention period should be set carefully.  

These are some of the few cases when a user could search for a solution for the retrieval of permanently deleted Outlook emails. Here, the backup method is not linked to restore deleted email from PST file.

Simple Approach to Recover Deleted Email from PST File

By following the steps outlined below, you can restore the deleted emails from PST file. The process doesn’t require any complex technical skills. Further, the mentioned below methods focus on utilizing the built-in features of Microsoft Outlook. This ensures a seamless and unaltered recovery process. 

Formula #1: Recovering the Erased Files from the Deleted Items Folder

Follow the process below to recover deleted emails that are still available in the Deleted Items folder: 

Step 1: Open the MS Outlook application. Click on the Deleted Items from the folders panel. 

Step 2: Here, choose the emails that you want to restore. Right-click on the selected emails then go to Move. Then, pick the folder where you want to shift the emails.

Go to Move Then Select the Folder

Step 3: If you have intentionally or unknowingly erased the emails from the Deleted Items folder, then also it is possible to recover them. To do that, click on the Recover items recently removed from this folder link. 

Recovery of Recently Deleted Items

Step 4: Now, choose the emails which you like to recover. Then, click on the Ok button. 

Tap on Ok After Selecting

Step 5: After this, you can check the Deleted Items folder. All the erased items will be present over here. Now, you can place the items in your desired location. 

Likewise, you can restore other assets such as contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. from Outlook’s recoverable item folder. Just to remind you, this doesn’t include the method to recover deleted emails from pst file

Formula #2: Use the Traditional Approach (Backup and Restore)

If a backup is available on your machine, you can easily restore these permanently deleted Outlook items. Here, make sure that you adhere to the following instructions:

Step 1: Open the Control Panel. Under the System and Security option, go to Backup and Restore. Then tap on the Restore option.  

Step 2: Now tap on Browse to navigate the files or folders of previously created backup. 

Step 3: Next locate a directory to save your files. 

The above formulas can be useful to you only if:

  1. The emails are not permanently deleted.
  1. The retention duration is not over.
  2. When the backup is already available on your system. 

Besides the mentioned aspects, in other scenarios, these solutions are ineffectual. As a result, you can rely on an alternative method to recover deleted emails from PST file

Formula #3: A Professional Automated Solution to Recover the Outlook PST Files

Outlook PST File Recovery Tool is incredible software. This tool specializes in the recovery of lost treasures such as Contacts, Calendars, Notes, etc. It also excels in restoring permanently deleted email files. It offers an opulent feature for recovering a large number of PST or Outlook.bak files. Now, select the files you want and retrieve them with ease. With its array of advanced features and different scanning modes, recovery becomes simple and easier. Hence, this is a preferred solution on “how to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook PST”.

Steps to Recover Emails in Outlook (Tool-oriented)

Here are the steps:-

Step 1: Download the application from the above-mentioned Link. Then, install the tool on Windows OS. Run the tool. Tap on Add File option in the top-left corner below the File. This is done to load the desired Outlook data file on the software. Hence, by sticking to these steps you can recover deleted emails from PST file.

Add File Option

Step 2: Select either the Select File or Search File option to choose the PST file from. Choose the Advance Scan Mode. Also, locate the Storage Folder Path. Then, click on Add

Searching and Locating the File

Step 3: After the completion of the scanning process, all files will appear on the screen. Here, the deleted files will be in Red color. Now, click on the Export Selected Option to restore deleted email from PST file

Export Deleted Items

Step 4: Now, the Export Option Window will pop up. Here, in the Select Export Type, choose the PST option as Export Type. Use the Adv. Settings option and Browse the Destination folder to store the removed email files. Finally, click on the Export Button to recover deleted emails from PST file

Select the Export Type

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Final Words

After going through the article, you should have got a clear idea about the methods to recover deleted emails from PST File. If we look at it, there can be different scenarios in which users accidentally delete email files from their PST. In such a scenario, the foremost priority is to recover those deleted files. Hence, in this blog, we have discussed various solutions considering the types of deletion. If it is a temporary deletion, users can easily restore the emails. But, if it is a permanent deletion, an automated solution is the need of the hour. The tool makes it possible by first scanning and then recovering the deleted files from the PST files.