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How to Batch Convert Apple Mail to PDF Without Any Data Loss?

February 21st, 2022 ~ Convert ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: In this following write-up, you will get the effortless solution to batch convert Apple Mail to PDF document format without any inconvenience. This allocated blog will give the step by step explanation of the request. And offers you a powerful and automated solution that will solve your problem quickly without any chance of data loss.

An email client is a desktop interface that organizes the emails we send and receive. They also function as the personal information manager that efficiently manages notes, calendars, contacts, and many more.

There are numerous available email clients in the market. And Apple Mail is one of them. It stores all the mailbox data in MBOX file format.

Some Basics of PDF Document Format

Well, PDF is a portable file format that is basically used for storing documents on a local device. Most of the time,  it is used for making documents print-ready. PDF is the most reliable file when it comes to maintaining data integrity, safety and security. And that is the reason many users want to convert Apple Mail to PDF.

Considering a Real-World Scenario for Clear Understanding:

Hey everyone! I am Geoge and I am working as Legal Advisor in a multinational Company. I am using Apple Mail but yesterday I had to send some important emails to my client regarding the case. Therefore, I need that email in PDF. I do not know how to convert these emails and now I am a little stressed because I have other things to do and this thing is wasting my precious time. Can anyone suggest to me a best yet smart solution as these emails are very confidential? I need help ASAP! Thanks in advance”

Here, the user needs a solution to convert mailbox mails to portable file formats. In the upcoming section, we will explain to you the manual and professional methods to solve the issue. But before that let us know the reasons behind the conversion.

Best Free Methods to Convert MBOX File to PDF

Main Reasons to Batch Convert Apple Mail to PDF

There are multiple reasons why the users need the conversion. Actually, there are multiple advantages behind converting the mailbox file into PDF. Some of them are listed below:

  • This portable file is the most preferred choice to save legal documents.
  • It provides the users to open hyperlinks, images, etc in an easy way.
  • Saves multiple emails along with its attachments.
  • Ensures the data of the user is safe and secure and securely shares the file without any discrepancy.
  • It helps to maintain the layout of the file accurately.

Manual Method to Convert  Apple Mail Emails to PDF

Step 1. Firstly, start Apple Mail on your local device

Step 2. Double-click on an email message from the Mail application wizard to open it

Step 3. Next, choose the Print option from the Mail menu

Step 4. Choose the PDF from the drop-down list, and then, click on the Save as PDF option

Step 5. After that,  click the desired folder on Mac where users want to save their email message as a PDF document. Subsequently, enter the name of the specific PDF in Save As text box, and click the Save button

Step 6: Once the task ends the task of converting Apple Mail to PDF is complete.

Shortcomings of the Manual Method

  1. Batch conversion is not possible
  2. Chances of data loss. There are chances to lose the attachments.
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Automated and Most Preferred Solution

The powerful BitResQ Mac MBOX File Conversion Software is versatile and advanced in every manner and makes it very simple for users to save and print into a portable file format. It is perfectly designed with a user-friendly interface and powerful security algorithms that make it very simple for the users. It is very difficult to convert a single email to a PDF but through the software, you can convert it easily at once.

Enticing Features of Apple Mail to PDF Conversion Tool

The software has many features. But here we are providing some of them in the below section. Have a look at them:

  1. Capable of converting multiple MBOX files at once. The data will be the same as it was before the conversion.
  2. You can open and view the converted file in any version of the acrobat reader even in the latest version it is possible.
  3. While working with the software there is no size limitation. Any size of the mailbox file will be converted.
  4. Does not require any Email Client installation. The tool supports MBOX files of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.


In the above write-up, we have discussed the reasons and also provided you with the best and the smart methods to batch convert Apple Mail to PDF document format. We have also given you the manual solution but it has some restrictions. It can convert a single email at a time. And also cannot batch convert the emails. So it is highly recommended to use an advanced approach to perform the task in a proper and efficient manner.