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How to Batch Print Mozilla Thunderbird Emails to PDF?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 27, 2023 • Print • 6 Minutes Reading

There are a majority of users who are interested to batch print Thunderbird to PDF in a safe & reliable way. If you’re having a similar query, then this article can clear all your doubts easily. As we all know that Thunderbird is an open-source email client by Mozilla, and users can opt for business communication. In addition, it offers various features like sending/receiving files, multiple emails, newsfeed, newsgroup, etc. It saves users’ data in .mbox file format which is accepted by various other email clients easily.

In this article, we are going to solve the user query mentioned above without any difficulties. The Manual & Automated solution is listed below along with the pros & cons respectively. Read the entire article to get a better understanding of the operation & be a master yourself.  

Requirements to Print Thunderbird Emails to PDF Safely

It’s quite important that we know the need of undergoing this operation in order to understand the issue from every angle. Evidently, there are five reasons that make a user take the decision of opting for this operation. However, these needs can vary from user to user.

  • In terms of security also, PDF offers decent features. Users can create password-protected PDF files that other users without the password can’t access. Users can execute this without any additional tool.
  • PDF file format is quite generic. It is popular around the globe & accessible easily through the internet, email, etc. In a nutshell, we can say this file format is of flexible nature.
  • All the formatting of the data is kept intact in PDF format. There are no changes that receiving user may feel in the PDF files. It keeps the fonts, headings, and all kinds of graphics like images & icons intact.
  • In the Court of Law for other legal proceedings or Audits etc, these PDFs are proven to be the most crucial & simplified form of evidence.
  • Users can access PDF files on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops & that too on any OS, let it be Windows, Macintosh, etc.
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Explore the Direct Solution Available

There is a manual solution available for batch printing Thunderbird to PDF  but are not advised if users have heavy files or files with sensitive information for their business. However, for generic uses, the manual solution might be a good choice for users. The only pro of this method is that it is free. Let’s begin with the operation itself.

Step-1. Install the Import Export Tool NG Addon in Thunderbird then start the application again

step-1 a thunderbird print to PDF

step-1 b

Step-2. Select all the desired mailbox folders that you wish to convert into PDF files

Step-3. Right-click on the folder > hover the cursor over Import Export Tool NG > hover the cursor over export all messages in the folder > click on PDF format

Step-4. Provide the folder path where you want to save the PDF files.

Users can find the expected results in the destination folder.

result-batch print Thunderbird to PDF

Gaps Left Behind by the Manual Method

The manual method has plenty of disadvantages that users must consider for Thunderbird to print multiple emails to PDF manually. Some of the major reasons are present below:

In the case of heavy & bulk files, the manual solution may take a while. Considering time as a crucial resource for any business results in reduced efficiency.

Limited Features
For batch print Thunderbird to PDF, users can’t get filters to save the selective information. They have to have even unwanted files along with the required ones.

Security Issues
The manual method often results in data integrity issues. There are chances for file corruption or even loss of some crucial data files.

Batch Print Thunderbird to PDF Using the Automated Solution

Now when we talk about the automated solution, some of the Top IT specialists recommend it. An automated solution also known as the modern approach involves dedicated tools that can perform the entire operation with ease. Evidently, BitResQ Free MBOX Converter Software is the perfect match for batch print Thunderbird to PDF.

If users are planning this operation this dedicated tool allows users to execute a safe & quick operation for expected results. This tool has various features or advantages that we are going to discuss in the next section. However, the only con of this method is that is not free but considering the benefits, it’s worth paying a lump sum amount for greater benefits.

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Why is the Automated Solution Better

The modern approach has several benefits, all these features are clearly available in the below section.

  • This is a quick solution for businesses. It saves time that can be useful for core business operations resulting in better productivity. This tool can give results in half of the time that the manual method takes.
  • For Thunderbird to print multiple emails to PDF, the tool offers a secure environment. It protects all the users’ data files from potential threats & minimizes several errors that make the user experience smooth.
  • The modern approach offers various filters for saving selective information only. This lead to avoidance of flooding of unnecessary file in the destination folder. Category & date filters are some of the examples here.

The Final Say

We have discussed the manual solution, the modern solution in this article. The needs for this operation are also there in detail for better user understanding. Before considering any method it is important to be aware of the risks & advantages of these methods. Therefore, users can also find it in this article.

Any user who wants to operate this task is recommended to opt for the modern approach for a much safer & smooth experience. Moreover, to batch print Thunderbird to PDF, keep this guide as a reference & that’s it. You can perform the operation without any hassle.