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Simplest Tricks to Print Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF Format At Once

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Print • 4 Minutes Reading

Many people wish to print multiple Outlook emails to PDF format in today’s digital environment since PDF files may be simply viewed using Adobe Reader software. After bulk printing Outlook files to PDF format, users may print email messages quickly and conveniently, since PDF format is much preferable for printing Outlook to PDF without losing critical information.

This article explains both manual and automatic methods for printing numerous Outlook emails to PDF. To mass print outlook emails to PDF, one can use any of the listed options.

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Before we go into the methods, let’s have a look at the user requests to better understand the situation

Query 1: I have a large number of Outlook emails that I’d want to print to PDF. I’ve searched for a method to do this duty and discovered a plethora of possibilities. I’m at a loss on which one is the greatest. Because all of my emails are vital, I cannot afford to lose them. Kindly notify me if you know which solution is the best.

Query 2: I’ve been looking for a solution on how to print Outlook emails as PDF in mass on my local PC for the last several days. However, I now lack an accurate and automatic solution for the same. Therefore, kindly advise me on a reliable answer to my question.

Main Reasons to Print Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF

  • Frequently, the necessity to read or access Outlook email data on Mac or Android devices arises. To address this issue, storing emails as PDF files is a straightforward solution that works with any operating system, including Mac.
  • Any digital documents presented in Court as evidence must be in the PDF format. This is the sole supported standard file type for presenting evidence before a court. The researcher could print and submit the Outlook communications as PDFs.
  • This feature enables users to print Outlook communications locally. Multiple Outlook emails may be printed to PDF, allowing for easy access to Outlook email data on a PC without opening Outlook.

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How to Print Outlook Emails into PDF File Format?

Below, we are going to provide both manual and professional solutions to get this task done.

Manual Process to Print Single Outlook Email to PDF

Please read me first: Prior to attempting the techniques, it is recommended that you create a backup of all Outlook email messages. This way, if your data becomes corrupted or lost during the process, you may restore it using previously backed up data.
  • Start Microsoft Outlook and choose the email messages you wish to print as a PDF document
  • Then, under the “File” menu, select “Save As”
  • Browse to the directory where the resulting file should be printed from the “Save As” dialogue box. Please include the file’s name
  • Select the HTML option from the “Save As Type” drop-down menu and click the “Save” button
  • Now navigate to the target path specified in the previous step
  • Following that, right-click on the file you’ve chosen. Choose Open With Word. This will complete the Outlook emails to PDF conversion procedure
  • Select “Save As” from the File menu in the Microsoft Word programme
  • Navigate to the folder where the PDF file was saved using the “Save As” dialogue box
  • Select the PDF (.pdf) file type from the “Save As Type” drop-down box and click Print
  • Finally, the emails message will be correctly printed in PDF format.

Have a Look at Manual Method Limitations

When there are a few Outlook emails, the manual technique is advantageous. If you have thousands of Outlook emails and wish to print them to PDF with attachments in bulk, a manual approach is not viable. Because it can only save one email at a time, it wastes valuable time going through each one individually. Furthermore, there is a possibility of data loss. As a result, it is advised that you use effective and dependable third-party software.

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Expert Software to Print Thousands of Outlook Emails

Printing many Outlook emails to PDF manually is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It becomes even more expensive when individuals are required to use this strategy for a large volume of communications. Manually extracting each communication one by one might be somewhat time-consuming. There are automated methods available for printing many emails from Outlook to PDF. BitResQ Labs software is an example of such a utility. To get started, simply download the program and follow these simple instructions.


We discussed how to print multiple Outlook emails in PDF format in the preceding blog. Please choose the solution that is most beneficial to you. We appreciate your time in reading the content.