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How to Restore Database from MDF and NDF File in SQL Server 2016, 2017, 2019?

Restore SQL Database from MDF File
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Restore • 4 Minutes Reading

If you are worried about your SQL Server database error. Due to this if you want to restore database from MDF file in SQL Server. Then, keep an eye on this article, as here, we will tell you the best ways to restore it.

Even with multiple protection, the database can be interrupted with different errors. At that time, the only choice is restoring the data at right time from MDF and NDF file.

As the MDF file is the primary database for the SQL server. Which stores the entire data in the form of Objects. But the need for restoration can arise because of the crashing of the Server. Moreover, when you try to upgrade the SQL Server, then restoring the database becomes an urgent need. Likewise, at the time of migrating a database from one location to another is the other reason.

Now, let’s just focus on the solutions to restore DB from MDF file in SQL Server 2016, 2017, 2019.

Top Approaches to Get Back DB from Master Database File

There are two approaches that you can use for restoring the database from MDF file successfully –

  1. Manually with SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Using Professional Approach to Restore DB

Restore Database from MDF File Using SSMS

In this method, you can’t attach an MDF file which got issues like corruption. Using this method, the file should be in a healthy state. But if not so, you can repair corrupted SQL MDF File in SQL Server without hampering the data.

Now, you should follow the given steps to get back the DB in from MDF file in SQL Server –

  1. For this, firstly, you need to attach the database using SSMS
  2. So, open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Then, navigate to the Object Explorer for connecting
  4. Now, right-click on the Database and choose Attach
  5. By doing so, the Attach Databases dialog box will pop up. Here, tap on the Add button for the selection of the particular data
  6. Now, from Locate Database Files box, choose the MDF file of the DB for attaching. Tap on the OK to proceed
  7. In the Attach Databases, you can see the MDF and log LDF file in the Database Details section. Just mouse-click on the OK to restore database in SQL Server from MDF file.

Important Note: You can also choose the other way to restore SQL DB from MDF file using T-SQL.

Professionally Restore Database from MDF File in SQL Server

The above method will work in the case of the healthy MDF file. But, if there is any corruption, then, you can’t perform the task using SSMS. Therefore, we suggest you to choose the professionally tested and instant solution known as BitResQ Recovery for SQL Server. It not only will help you to recover the MDF file but also you can restore DB from MDF file in SQL Server.

Once the procedure is done, you will get a healthy file with SQL Server. Then, you can get back the entire database data from MDF file and NDF files.

Through this software, all the objects such as Tables, Views, Functions, and more can be recovered easily. All you have to do is load the MDF file which is having errors. Then, it will scan that file completely and recover it.

Moreover, it can handle all types of corruption of MDF file and fix them easily. Similarly, it will fix all the errors of all versions of SQL Server including 2008, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. All the database corruption errors like 824 and others can be fixed through this automated application easily.


When the SQL Server gets some issues, then its primary database gets affected. By which, it is better to restore database from MDF file in SQL Server. For doing this task, either you can take help from the Microsoft SSMS but on one condition, that the MDF file should be error-free. On the other hand, if the MDF file has some corruption issues, then using professional software is the only choice you are left with. Along with this, while using this method, you will not face any issues like data loss or data modification. Hence, it is best to opt for this issue. However, you can use any above methods to restore DB from MDF file as per your choice.