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How to Repair Corrupted Master Database in SQL Server?

repair corrupted sql database
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Repair • 5 Minutes Reading

Working on the SQL Server is quite difficult though. But, the situation is worst when there is some corruption in the database. Any corruption whether major or minor affects the working of a lot of SQL MDF files. That’s why it is mandatory to repair corrupted SQL database as earliest possible. So, today, we will be going to discuss the ways to repair Master Database in SQL Server. Hence, if you want to know the solutions to fix this error, then, stick to this article.

There is a command named DBCC CHECKDB, which helps you to identify the errors. Using this command you can check the data integrity of SQL database objects, etc.

However, if any error occurs during the process the task will fail. As a result, there will be consistency errors as a part of the database console command.

Potential Reasons Behind SQL Database Corruption

  • Sometimes the corruption in storage media where MDF files are stored becomes the reason for SQL Database corruption.
  • Likewise, if any of the data gets deleted for some reason then it affects the database in SQL Server.
  • Moreover, the Network failure while working with the Database leads to corruption.
  • Along with these, if there is any hard drive failure or a sudden power cut, an unexpected shutdown becomes the reason for the MDF file corruption.
  • Whatever, the reason is the first and mandatory thing is to repair corrupted SQL Database. So, let’s just move to the solutions to repair SQL MDF file.

Different Approaches to Repair Corrupted SQL Database

There are approaches available through which you will be able to access the SQL database again –

  1. Manual Approach
  2. Proven Professional Approach

Let’s just understand both methods to repair master database in SQL Server.

Manual Solution for Fixing SQL MDF File

  1. To initiate this task, first of all, you will need to set Database to emergency mode. By enabling it you will get read-only access to the administrator
  2. Then, check all the corruption errors in the SQL database. To do so, just execute the DBCC CHECKDB command. It will analyze all the corruption errors in the database
  3. After checking them all, the next step is to set the SQL database to Single_User Mode. As it will prevent others from doing any changes during the repair SQL MDF file process
    (Note: You can set the database to Singe_User Mode using either GUI interface or Transact-SQL commands.)
  4. Now, start the process to repair corrupted SQL database in SQL Server
  5. After this, just set the MDF database again to Multi_User Mode. When the repairing process is done successfully, all you have to set the SQL database to Multi_User Mode.

Limitations to Repair Corrupted SQL Database Manually

Manually you can use DBCC CHECKDB to fix damaged SQL database, but for that, you will have certain limitations –

  • Firstly, the SQL Server Management Studio must be installed on the computer. Without it, you can perform this approach.
  • Along with this, you can process this task only with Administrator credentials.
  • Moreover, there are chances of not proper repairing if any error occurs in the current process.
  • Additionally, it is a typical technical method, so you must have hard-core technology.
  • Likewise, there can be the chance when you will need to delete some database pages, eventually, it will result in data loss.

When DBCC CHECKDB Fails in SQL Server – Use Alternative Way

To get over the hurdles of the manual method, it is better to switch to the alternative approach. The best and most extraordinary program is BitResQ Recovery for SQL Database. It is well programmed to repair corrupted SQL database. This tool ensures you the best results in no time. The best thing about this application is that it supports all SQL database objects like Tables, Views, Triggers, etc.

Moreover, using this tool you can easily repair MDF file at the same time. Even this application will easily fix damaged SQL database of any size. Therefore, using this software will repair all minor or major SQL MDF file errors with their interrelated NDF files.

So, when the DBCC CHECKDB gets fails to repair master database in SQL Server, in that situation only automated professional software works. That’s why we suggest you to use this mentioned software for better use SQL Server database.


In this article, today we have discussed the different possible approaches to repair Corrupted SQL Database. You can use them and fix damaged MDF file easily. However, the manual method is quite a tricky one. Moreover, for that, you will need a lot of time to perform commands. So, there may be high chances of data loss in SQL Server. Hence, to protect your time and data, we recommend you to choose the BitResQ Solution. As this is the proven solution to repair Master Database in SQL Server. Along with this, you can try the free trial version to check the working of the tool first.