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How to Resolve OST File Size Limit Increase Error?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: May 12, 2022 • Tips • 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: However, the OST has reached the maximum size is such a severe error while working. If you’re here, that means you are also having the same errors. So, if for any reason the OST file size limit increase. Then, you should fix the said issue at the right time. For that, we have shared the proven solutions in this article. So, understand each solution one by one carefully to reduce OST file size.

As we all know the OST is the Offline storage table that stores all the mailbox in its data. Because it preserves the entire mailbox locally, so, by times, its size reaches the maximum size. When this happens, the major issue arrives on the front end. As a result, Outlook sometimes stops working. Or the errors arise every now and then.

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To understand let’s focus on the user query –

Hey, I have been using MS Outlook 2016 for a long time, but since now, I having issues while working on it. The error shows the Outlook OST file has reached maximum size. I tried to fix it but was unable to do it completely. Can anyone help me and suggest me some good references? The help will be appreciable.

Just like this user, the may be many users whose Exchange OST file size limit reached maximum size.

Solutions to Fix OST Has Reached the Maximum Size Error

There are many solutions to fix OST file size limit increase error and will help you to reduce the OST file size –

  1. Compact OST File
  2. Clean Up Items From Mailbox
  3. Automated Proven Alternative Method

Let’s just understand each method in detail. For your information, these solutions will work for every Outlook OST, Exchange.ost as well.

Compact OST File to Fix OST File Size Limit Increase Error

This is the manual solution to resolve the error when Outlook 2016, 2010, 2013 OST file has reached maximum size. In this method, you can compact the OST file easily. For reducing the OST file size, follow the below steps –

  1. First of all, delete all the unnecessary items that are no longer needed
  2. After that, in the Outlook application, just go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings option
  3. Then, in the Data Files tab, pick the OST file for compacting the size
  4. Now, double click on the same OST file
  5. After this, the Outlook Data File Settings dialog box will pop up. Here, hit the Compact Now button and click OK to close it.

Using this method, you will get a compressed OST file. However, this solution will only reduce the OST file size on a temporary basis.

Clean Up Unnecessary Items From Mailbox

Although the above method will be helpful to reduce the size only on a temporary basis. But what about for a long-term basis? For this, you can opt this second manual approach. Here, you can clean unnecessary items from the Mailbox. That means you can remove or delete the older emails which are in no need –

  1. For this, firstly, go to the Outlook application, click the File option
  2. Then, choose the Info option and mouse-click on the Cleanup Tools option
  3. Now, proceed by clicking the Mailbox Cleanup option
  4. In the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box, apply the required data items settings. Tap on the Find button to find the older emails and delete them to reduce the OST file size.

Alternative Method to Fix OST File Size Limit Increase Error

If you’ve tried both methods as mentioned above, and still the OST file is not decreased. Then, in this situation, you should opt the best alternative method. Therefore, we have an automated and best solution to resolve OST has reached the maximum size error.

For this, we recommend you to choose the BitResQ Outlook OST File Recovery Wizard. This is the best way to reduce any type of OST file size. Whether the Outlook.ost, Exchange.ost, this tool supports them all. So, by using it you cannot only minimize the OST file size. But, you can easily split the large OST file into smaller parts.

Additionally, it provides you with different features to filter the size of the OST file. Later on, you can preserve the data in PST or access it on Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013. Likewise, this advanced software will fix the major errors as well such as severe corruption.


When the OST file size limit increases it doesn’t allow you to work further with Outlook and Exchange. Therefore, to fix this issue, in this article, we have shared possible solutions. However, you can use manual approaches, but it will the reduce OST file size temporarily. Hence, we recommend you to go for the professional BitResQ Application. As it not only will fix OST has reached the maximum size error, but allow you for splitting them into smaller parts. So, using this software you can again work without any interruption. Moreover, this solution can work on both Windows and Mac operating machines.