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How to Fix Exchange.ost in Use and Cannot be Accessed Error?

Exchange.ost Cannot be Accessed
Shubham Dixit   
Published: May 11, 2022 • Tips • 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: If due to any reason your Exchange.ost cannot be accessed. Or if you’re unable to open Exchange.ost. Then, this blog is the solution for such errors. Therefore, to know about it just go through with the entire article.

If in the Microsoft Exchange, you have enabled the cached Exchange mode, then, the offline copy stores on the local machine as .ost. Moreover, this option allows you to work offline. Whatever changes you have made on the offline files, it will sync automatically with the mailbox on the server.

But, there are times, when you can’t able to access Exchange.ost file. This error becomes a severe issue when you can’t be solve it easily. Or if there are major errors on the Exchange.ost file.
Therefore, today, we have come up with this article to solve this query effortlessly.

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Reasons of “Exchange.ost Cannot be Accessed” Error

Some of the common and actual causes which affect the Exchange.ost file are –

  • If there is any kind of issue while syncing the locally stored OST file and your Exchange Server then it causes the main reason.
  • Moreover, another reason could be the internet connectivity.
  • Likewise, if you are trying to close the Exchange.ost file but it’s still processing by other users. Then, you will unable to access the Exchange.ost file.
  • Additionally, the most common reason behind this error is improper Exchange Server shutdown.

Best Strategies to Access the Exchange OST Files

  1. Recheck Cached Exchange Mode
  2. Disable MS Outlook Add-Ins
  3. Better Use of SCANPST Tool
  4. Best Proven Alternative Method

Recheck and Disable Cached Exchange Mode

The first thing you can try when Exchange.ost is in use and cannot be accessed, is by disabling the caches Exchange mode from the settings. Make sure while doing this, you close the MS Outlook and Exchange application.
Then, you just need to go to the Control Panel, here, choose the Exchange Server, and disable the cached mode.

  • Control Panel > Mail > Email Accounts > Change
  • Then, uncheck the Cached Exchange Mode option.  Eventually, tap on the Finish button.

Point to Remember – Don’t need to forget if you are still unable to access the Exchange.ost file.

Disable All Required Outlook Add-Ins

Another method you can try when Exchange.ost cannot be accessed by disabling the Outlook Add-ins. As there can be situations when because of the faulty add-ins you are facing this error.

Therefore, your primary duty is to disable all the problematic Outlook add-ins. Eventually, it will fix the Exchange.ost cannot be opened error. For doing this, you will need to open Outlook in the safe mode.

After opening it into the safe mode, check if the error is still there or not. If not, then again open the Outlook application normally. Then, look for the add-ins option, here, disable all the add-ins. As a result, it will fix and remove those problematic add-ins.

But, if you are still not able to access the Exchange.ost, means the error is still there. So, for that we suggest you to move to the next method.

Use SCANPST Utility When Exchange.ost Cannot be Accessed

In this method, you can use the SCANPST utility when you cannot open the Exchange.ost. Because sometimes, the error occurs due to the read/write permission or integrity issues. Therefore, in such cases, the tool provided by Microsoft will help.

For that, you just need to locate the default location. Then, browse the particular Exchange.ost file which is having the issue. Later on, finish it by repairing it. Within a few time periods, this tool will fix the said error. And you will be able to access the Exchange.ost file again.

But, just remember this application only works in the case of corruption. It will not fix the orphaned or encrypted Exchange.ost. Moreover, it will only fix the minor bugs of short files.

Best Proven Alternative Method to Access Exchange.ost

If none of the above methods is capable to fix the error of the Exchange.ost. You are still unable to access it? Then, in this situation, you can choose the alternative method. The best and proven alternative solution is the BitResQ OST File Recovery Software.

Using this automated utility, you will be able to fix Exchange.ost cannot be accessed error. After completing the process, you can easily access the Exchange.ost file. Moreover, you can run this utility on both Windows and Mac operating machines. Then, use it to prevent Exchange.ost cannot be opened error.

Along with this, you can easily fix all the associated errors with the Exchange.ost file using this professional software. It will resolve the error without hampering the data integrity and any Exchange.ost data. On top of this, with the help of this utility you can easily open orphaned OST file.

Exchange.ost is in Use and Cannot Be Accessed – Wrap Up

This blog helps you to fix the “Exchange.ost cannot be accessed” error. As in this guide, we have mentioned reasons behind this error along with solutions. So, you can opt any above-mentioned methods to open the Exchange.ost file. But, in case no manual method works, just choose BitResQ Utility. It will help you to prevent Exchange.ost errors. Additionally, using this professional software you can access the entire data of the Exchange.ost file.