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Do MBOX Files Contain Attachments? Get Free Solution

Do MBOX Files Contain Attachments
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 13, 2022 • Tips • 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: To know the answer do MBOX files contain attachments or not on Windows or Mac OS, this article is the best one to go for. Here, you will learn, if there are any attached files then what can be the way to open them. So, to know about it in an efficient manner keep your eyes on this information till the last.

User Scenario: I have got some attached files on my mail from my coworkers, but there are some glitches or something. Due to this, I am not able to open any attachments. Is there any free solution that would let me view the attached files? If yes, then do let me know about the way for these attachments.

Hey, I am Karan, I have received an MBOX file, but now I need to send a few attachments to that MBOX file. But, I don’t know whether the MBOX file contain attachments or not. If anyone knows then please tell me and how can I access them while attaching with the MBOX file.

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Know Do MBOX Files Contain Attachments on Windows & Mac

If we talk about the MBOX format, then it is a file that stores a collection of email messages. Moreover, it is used to organize the entire mailbox in a single file as plain text separated by headers.

Additionally, there are multiple applications that support MBOX files, like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, and more. Apart from emails, these email clients stores all the attached files in their respective MBOX files. So, yes, the MBOX file does contain attachments and their content. However, the attachments are in non-text formats like images and files.

These attached files can be any like, images, any PDF, any Excel file (CSV), any word file (DOC or DOCX) or etc. Every now and then you may receive these attachments with your MBOX file on both Windows and Mac machines.

Now, if you’re unable to access them, then you should not worry about it anymore. Because the BitResQ MBOX File Viewer Tool will let you access all the attachments that are attached to the MBOX file. So, by just downloading this freeware software you will get to know what type of attachment you have received in your MBOX file.
Moreover, it will also be helpful if you cannot access Thunderbird emails somehow. There are additional benefits of this free tool that you will get as discussed in the next section.

For Windows

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Tip: In case, if you want to download the attachments on your local PC on any Windows or Mac versions. Then, you can take the help of the BitResQ MBOX Converter Software for converting the MBOX file and downloading attachments as well. Moreover, it will work without any dependency on supported email clients.

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Additional Benefits to the Free Utility

  • In this tool, you will be able to open not just an MBOX file, but an MBS or MBX file as well and you will get to know the answer to Do MBOX files contain attachments as well here.
  • Apart from this, you can easily download and install this free application on your Windows or Mac operating machines.
  • Additionally, if you have multiple attachments contained in an MBOX file, then using this software you can access them all.
  • Likewise, if you just want to access attached files from an existing MBOX file without any supported email client. Then, it is possible to do so even without manipulating attachment content.

Guide to Access Attachments from MBOX File

First of all download this software to know do MBOX files contain attachments, then follow the steps as mentioned below –

  • On initial stage, tap on the Add File or Add Folder from appeared screen

do MBOX files contain attachments

  • Now, just upload an MBOX file or folders containing attachments on the panel

upload mbox file containing attached files

  • Here, you can easily preview MBOX files attachments that you were looking for on Windows and Mac

access attachments

  • Additionally, if you want to find out any attachments from a particular MBOX file, then hit the Search option to access it quickly.

do MBOX files contain attachments


In this article, today we have discussed about do MBOX files contain attachments. So, here, we have suggested you the best and a free solution to know about your attachments and open them. You can easily view them without any other app installation and changes in content on both Mac and Windows OS. So, using this software you will not face any trouble while accessing any attached files from the MBOX file.