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Free Way to Resolve Cannot Access Thunderbird Email Issue

Cannot Access Thunderbird Email
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 12, 2022 • Tips • 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: There could be multiple reasons why you cannot open your Thunderbird mailbox. But, regardless of the reasons “cannot access Thunderbird email” has a solution as well. So, we are here with proper solutions to resolve this error as soon as possible. To get the information just stick to this article till the last.

Although the Thunderbird application is a free open source, sometimes situations arise due to which you cannot open Thunderbird emails. Mostly it happens because of technical errors but not being able for accessing emails can be an irritating task in any urgency.

In this article, we will tell you what you can do using systematic approaches if Thunderbird fails to send or receive emails.

Reasons Behind Cannot Access Thunderbird Email Issue

However, there could be different and multiple reasons which lead to this error. Sometimes, it appears on the screen, or sometimes just makes you to unable the emails. So, a few of the major reasons we are sharing here-

  • You may encounter this error because of the changing of the Thunderbird application. Yes, sometimes, you try to access the Thunderbird mailbox but due to changing the password, you get a certain error message on the screen.
  • Moreover, if you switch to the other computer and extract the emails from the Thunderbird of an old computer. But, while doing this task either your file gets corrupted or some technical glitch happens. Which automatically results in not accessible Thunderbird emails.
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Proper Installation of Thunderbird ImportExportTool NG

Although there is no such direct manual method when you cannot access Thunderbird email you can do one thing that might help you.

If you have an MBOX file in which you have stored your Thunderbird emails. Then you can install the Thunderbird application on your computer, and just import the MBOX file into it. For doing this task, you need to follow the below steps –

  • Tap on the ImportExportTool NG in Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Secondly, click on the Tools option from the menu bar, choose Add on > Import MBOX file
  • Eventually, import the MBOX file and hit the Next button. To finish the process or access emails of the Mozilla Thunderbird application tap on the OK button.

Free Approach to Fix Cannot Access Thunderbird Email Issue

User Scenario: Hey, I have bought a new computer and then I exported the Thunderbird emails in a file to access them on my new computer. But when I tried to do so, I didn’t find a way for performing such task. I don’t know why I can’t access my Thunderbird email on my new computer. Please someone suggest me any good references to access my emails.

By keeping this user scenario in mind we would suggest you to go for the BitResQ MBOX file Viewer Software. We are suggesting this automated application because it can easily open all the Thunderbird emails without even installing any email client. Yes, it is a standalone application that will help you to access the entire mailbox or whatever file you have got from your old computer.

For Windows

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Moreover, it allows you access any size of MBOX, MBX, or MBS files in just a short period of time. Likewise, if you have any attached files with your MBOX file, then it will let you access all of them as well. The best thing about this self-oriented program is that it can work without any hindrance on both Windows and Mac OS. So, it won’t matter to which computer you have switched you will be able to access all your emails just using this application.

Tip: If you’re planning to convert the existing MBOX file into some other format supported by another email client. Then, you can take the help of the self-oriented BitResQ Converter Tool for MBOX File. It will let you convert the file without any data manipulation and without the installation of any supported application.

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Guide to Access Emails without any Email Client

Download the free application on any operating system, and then follow the steps after proper installation –

  • First of all, mouse-click on the Add File or Add Folder from appeared screen

cannot access thunderbird email

  • Secondly, just upload the existing MBOX file or folders on the panel

upload mbox file or folder

  • In this step, you can easily preview of entire MBOX files that you need to access with attachments

access mbox file

  • Additionally, if you’re in need for the particular MBOX file, then hit the Search option to access it quickly

cannot access thunderbird email


There can be a situation that suddenly happens to the Thunderbird application, and results in such an error. Like others, you might be facing technical errors through which you cannot access Thunderbird email. So, whatever the case is, in this article, we have suggested possible solutions. Here, we have mentioned a free approach using which you will be able to access all emails of your Thunderbird application without any other application.