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Move MBOX to Gmail – Solution to the Most Asked Query

February 14th, 2022 ~ Move ~ 6 Minutes Reading

There are many users across the globe who are searching the ways to move MBOX to Gmail. If you want to perform the same operation, either you must be facing several issues or you are completely clueless about the solution. However, this isn’t your fault. The operation itself is quite technical and new users can’t easily get their desired results.  In addition, there are some queries received from around the world where users are demanding a reliable solution.

Hence, this article consists of both the open-source manual solution & premium automated solutions. We have discussed the manual solution in depth so that naive users can be the master of this task. However, the manual method comes with several disadvantages. These are also there in their respective section below. Go through the entire article to avoid severe risks & execute a safe operation.

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How to Import MBOX into Gmail Manually – Phase Ⅰ

There are majorly two phases in this operation. The first phase is the preparation phase & the second one is the execution phase. Let’s begin with the preparations.

Install Mozilla Thunderbird email client in your system & then follow the below steps respectively.

  • The first preparation is to allow access to IMAP in your Gmail account.
      1. Launch your Gmail application & navigate to the “gear” icon
        Move MBOX to Gmail step-1
      2. From the drop-down menu, click on the “Settings” option
      3. Go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section & then click on the Enable IMAP radio button
      4. Now click on save changes & proceed to the next step.
        step-4 Move MBOX to Gmail
  • Configure Gmail Account in Thunderbird to Move MBOX to Gmail.

    [Note- We are using Thunderbird email client as it’s a safe & reliable open-source email client]
      1. Launch Thunderbird application & in the “Choose what to set up” section, click on Email
      2. Now enter the Gmail account credentials that you wish to add to the Thunderbird account & then click on continue
      3. Click on the IMAP radio button, then click on the “Done” button.
        step-7 Move MBOX to Gmail
  • Install the ImportExportTools NG Add-on for Thunderbird

    [Note- Download the Import extension to Thunderbird for free to move your files easily.]
    1. Go to the Top-right corner & click on the three lines icon. Then select the “Add-ons and Themes” option
    2. In the search bar, enter ImportExport & Click the “ImportExportTools NG” option from all the results
    3. Finally, click on add button & then restart the applications.
      step-10 Move MBOX to Gmail

Phase Ⅱ of the Manual Method

This is phase is all about the execution of the actual operation. Hence, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. This is the second & last phase to move MBOX to Gmail.

Step-1. Click on the local folders from the right-side panel, “Select ImportExportTools NG” and then Import mbox file


Step-2. Choose the option that says “Import directly one or more MBOX files” & then press OK

last-step-how to import MBOX into Gmail

Step-3. Select desired MBOX files & click on Open. Drag & Drop the exported data to your Gmail account’s label’s area

Step-4. Congrats! You can find your files on your email account’s web browser.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method if You Move MBOX to Gmail

It is important that users must be aware of the drawbacks of the manual method that they have to deal with. The manual method is initially free but if you look at the shortcomings, then the cost for recovery of crucial data files is way more. Let’s have a look at these drawbacks in detail.

The Manual method is slow. It may transfer your bulk files to their destination but for this, it can take more than the usual time. It significantly results in dropped efficiency that ultimately targets low productivity.

Not Reliable
We can say that the manual method is also not reliable as there are several security gaps present in it. The manual method is not safe because there are cases observed where users have lost their fragile MBOX files. In some cases, their files get corrupt due to various bugs & issues.

It is quite difficult to operate this operation as there are several complexities involved. Naive users who are not technically sound have to deal with several challenges to transfer MBOX to Gmail. Evidently, it becomes a difficult task for new users.

Lacks Plenty of Features
This method is the most basic & that is why users can feel the absence of many useful features. There are no filters available for moving selective information. Moreover, users can not start & stop the operation in between as per their preference.

A Smart Way to Get Desired Results

If you want to get your desired results in a much faster & safer way, opting for the modern solution is the best solution. New users having queries like “how to import MBOX into Gmail” should not opt for the manual method as they can easily get confused & ess up.  Furthermore, the automated solution is the modern-day answer to this issue. Here, users need to download BitResQ MBOX Format Conversion Software. It’s designed in a way to execute this dedicated task while countering all the challenges that users of the manual method face.

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Why Does the Automated Solution Provide Better Results Than Manual?

There are several advantages present in the automated tool that makes it far better & safe than the manual one. In this section, we are going to understand these benefits one by one.

  • Unlocked Features
    Firstly, there are various features available in the modern solution that users can not find in the manual ones. For example, date & category filters for transferring selective info, pause & resume feature in between the operation, etc.
  • Safe & Secured
    Secondly, this automated solution takes care of all the security measures to move MBOX to Gmail. Users can trust this solution blindly as many IT experts do the same. Furthermore, its clean track record shows a clear image of its success rate.
  • Faster than Ever
    Thirdly, one of the best advantages of this automated solution is that it is fast. It helps users to complete their work within half of the estimated time. It saves time which is apparently equal to saving money.

To Sum Up

We have explored the best ways to execute our operation in this article. If any user is searching for the manual method, they can find it in the above section in detail. Moreover, the automated solution is also there in this article for a wide view of the solutions. This article can be of great help for troubled users in resolving their queries.

Any individual or organization can opt for the above-mentioned tool to move MBOX to Gmail for an enhanced experience. Along with the tool, make a robust plan that can handle all the potential threats & always be ready with your plan B. Evidently, if you have the right guidance, executing this operation can be easy.