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Instant Method to Import EML Emails to Gmail Account

Import EML Emails to Gmail

March 4th, 2022 ~ Import ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Getting started as an IT professional we understand the benefits and need for email and file conversions. It’s more common these days. Users have to import data from one platform to another for a variety of reasons. And when we first think about data import worried about data loss? No one wants to lose their important data, so the best way to import them is the first problem for every user. Coming to the topic we are discussing today is how to import EML emails into Gmail.

If you are working with .eml format, you are probably already familiar with this file extension. It is the most prevalent email file format. And many email client applications support it. On the other hand, every child knows Gmail. It is the most widely used cloud-based application. Because of the variety of features, I’m sure we created a Gmail account when we first opened the email account because it was always widely used for free.

Users have expressed a desire to import .eml emails into their Gmail accounts in various discussion forums. In addition, we have noticed that not all users’ problems are the same. Let’s look at the subject first.

User Queries For Importing EML Files

After using the Windows Live Mail application for a long time. So I know the EML format that saves the information. We all know that WLM is over. I bought a new Windows computer that was not pre-installed. The reason why my old computer was having a lot of problems is why I now need to export the data to EML format to complete my work. I need to import an EML file into my Gmail account, please suggest the best way to do this.
I bought myself a new laptop. While transferring data to the USB Port cable I found a folder with 1300+ .eml files, I want to see emails with the .eml extension. Please help me find a suitable solution to import .eml emails into Gmail.

We have raised two direct consumer concerns. We found an abundance of them. So why wait? Let us find the solution.

Methods to Import EML Emails into Gmail Account

You can do this by using both –

In this post, we will go into more detail on each approach. Here, we also want to clarify that EML files cannot be imported directly into Gmail through a manual process. For that, you have to go through two steps to do this.

Phase 1: Manual Method to Import EML Files to Gmail

To import .eml emails in Gmail, you need another email client. Now we will show you how to use WLM software to import .eml to Gmail account. Simply follow these easy steps for importing all required EML files into Windows Live Mail:

  • To begin, run the Windows Live Mail software program
  • Now, from the Menu bar, pick File >> Save As From the drop-down menu, select Import Messages. From the drop-down menu, select Windows Live Mail
  • After that, select the Browse option to view the emails you sent. To proceed, click the Next button
  • At this point, you may select all folders or just one, and then click the Next button to proceed
  • Finally, the folder’s contents will begin to be exported. To complete the procedure, click the Finish button.

If you have more than one EML file continue these steps until all EML files have been successfully imported into WLM. Gmail must be set up to work with WLM. To achieve your goal do the following:

Phase 2: Configure Windows Live Mail with Gmail

  • To start, open Windows Live Mail and navigate to the ribbon interface’s accounts option
  • After that, a new window will emerge. Here, you’ll enter your email address and password. Windows Live Mail retrieves email from Gmail accounts automatically using IMAP. Select the Manually configure server settings check box and click the Next button if you prefer to use POP
  • Now, enter the server’s information in the configuration settings box. Additionally, put your login password followed by the extension in the Login username field and click on Next button
  • After you’ve completed all of the previous step, click the Next button to complete the process of creating your account
  • Finally, on the left pane of WLM, you can examine the folders linked with your Gmail account.

Upload EML Emails into Gmail Account Directly

The manual mode has many limitations, it is time consuming and technical method. Moreover, it does not allow you to import .eml emails into Gmail for this purpose. hence, you have to do this process over and over again. Therefore, it is advisable to use a professional approach such as BitResQ EML File Converter Software.

It is the most reliable, secure and easy-to-use app for importing unlimited EML files into Gmail with all attached data. Also use this app to upload Import multiple EML to Office 365 and other data.

The best thing about this converter is, it is compatible with all versions of both Windows and Mac OS. So, you can just download the free demo version and operate it in any version of OS.

For Windows

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Guide to Use EML to Gmail Converter for Importing EML File

Download the mentioned software to import EML files to Gmail account, and then follow the steps given below –

  • In the first step, choose the Select File or Select Folder option to select EML files

import EML to gmail

  • Secondly, you just select the Gmail option for importing necessary .eml files

select gmail option

  • Afterwards, just provide Gmail account credentials in the required place

provide gmail details

  • Finally, tap on the Convert button, you will get a notification when importing EML file to Gmail will be completed.

import eml to gmail report


In today’s guide, we have covered how to import .eml emails into Gmail by manual and expert solution. So, follow the guide and import EML file to Gmail account without interrupting the data. However, we will suggest you to choose the direct method to do this entire task in a short span of time.