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Unable to Open Inbox in Outlook? Try Out the Best Solutions

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Mar 30, 2023 • Restore • 5 Minutes Reading

Microsoft Outlook is mostly used by people, and it provides several functionalities and a better experience. It makes it easier for handling email, contacts, and calendar notes. However, you might have come across this error message, or the application is loading but you are unable to open inbox in outlook

Sometimes, MS Outlook stops working suddenly when you open it due to reasons like:

  • The issue in Navigation Pane
  • The Navigation Pane problem
  • Faulty/Defective add-in
  • Virus or malware infection
  • Incorrect configuration of the application
  • Defective Outlook profile due to Faulty PST files
  • PST file got deleted automatically or corrupted

There could be several other issues due to which outlook inbox not opening. Hence through this informative article, we will give you detailed solutions to eliminate this issue of “cannot open mailbox in outlook” and regain access to all your PST files.

5-Step Solution to Solve the Issue

  1. Download & install the software.
  2. Add the PST files Using Add File button.
  3. Select or Search the files.
  4. Apply the Advanced Scanning option.
  5. Select Export type as PST to Export the files.

Opening Application Safe Mode

Whenever you are unable to open inbox in outlook, firstly, try to start Outlook in Safe Mode and try the different solutions explained below.

Steps to launch MS Outlook in Safe Mode

A feature in Outlook called Safe Mode lets users run the Outlook application with less number access to features available. It is also used for blocking extensions and add-ins. This helps users to resolve smaller or bigger errors in Outlook.

1:  Use the Windows + R key to open the Run app and enter Outlook /safe and press the OK button.

2: Then choose the Outlook Profile and click on OK.

3: Now enter the credentials asked and click on Accept.

List of Methods to Fix Open Inbox in Outlook:

  1. Updating the OS and the Application.
  2. Reset the Navigation Pane.
  3. Checking Compatibility Mode.
  4. Using the Automated Solution to fix the error.

Methods to Fix The Issue: Unable to Open Inbox in Outlook

1:- Updating Windows and Microsoft Outlook

There can be a chance that your Windows machine or the Outlook application is not updated, hence the user is unable to open inbox in Outlook. So, update both things.

For Outlook Update:

Go to File -> Office Account->Update Options->Update Now.

Update to the Latest Windows OS:

Follow the given steps to manually update OS if the automatic updates option is not configured.

  • Go to Settings->Update and Recovery->how updates get installed.
  • Then switch on to automatic updates.

Now, try to open your Outlook application and see if you still cannot open mailbox in outlook. Then try the other method discussed below.

2:- Navigation Pane Reset

The issue in the Navigation pane could be another reason why your are unable to open inbox in outlook. So, resetting the navigation pane which removes all the customizations and optimizations made to the navigation pane.

1: Go to the Run command or use the Windows+R key.

2: Type the command – Outlook.exe /resetnavpane” and press OK.

3: Now launch Outlook. By now the Nav. Pane would be reset.

3:- Is Outlook Working in Compatibility Mode

Again, issues like compatibility could be an error caused by which the Outlook inbox not opening. So, let’s see how this issue can be solved using this method.

  1. Go to Outlook’s desktop properties by left-clicking on the application.
  2. Once the properties window appears, click on the compatibility mode.
  3. Now Deselect the “Run this program in compatibility mode” option.
  4. Then press the Apply and Ok buttons.

Unable to Open Inbox in Outlook? Use the Professional Method

If trying all the mentioned methods doesn’t solve the problem, then we suggest resolving the error with the help of a tool. Here, using the PST File Recovery Tool will be suitable when PST file cannot be opened in Outlook or some of the PST files are corrupted. If there is any issue related to file recovery or corruption, this tool handles both issues easily and brings the files in healthy condition.

1: First, download the utility and press the Add Files for loading PST files.

recover deleted mail from PST

2: Files selection can be done by using the Select File or Search File option. Advanced scanning Mode for identifying corrupted or damaged files. Add the storage folder path.

scanning mode

3: Now, all the Items files will be shown on the screen. Click the Export Selected or Export button.

displaying all email files

4: Under the Export Option, choose Export Type as ‘PST’,  enter the destination folder path and apply Advanced settings and press the Export button.Unable to Open Inbox in Outlook

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Issues related to inbox files of outlook that cannot be accessed can be solved easily. The only thing is that the user needs to handle it when it occurs. Still, if the user is unable to open inbox in Outlook, then they can use the above-mentioned methods to fix the issue of “cannot open mailbox in Outlook”. Users can try out the manual methods or can go for an automated tool which makes the entire process easier and takes less time to fix the errors.