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Issue Fixed SQL Server Recovery Pending State – Complete Solution

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Recovery , Repair • 5 Minutes Reading

Users of SQL servers are currently learning how to fix SQL databases when they are in recovery mode. The fact that so many customers are experiencing this issue and searching for the ideal answer makes it a really serious error. This guide, therefore, contains all the essential information needed for users to resolve this problem. Find out what’s causing it and what can be done to fix it. Learn the simplest approach possible to bring the database Online from the SQL server recovery pending state by following the step-by-step

Table of Content

  1. Reasons for the Error Occurred
  2. Tips to Find & Check the Database State
  3. Different States SQL Server Database
  4. Manual Way to fix the issue.
  5. Automated Solution to resolve the issue

One of the incredible relational database management systems is MS SQL Server, as we all know. It shares several problems with other databases, such as the Recovery Pending state. This issue has repeatedly come up for Microsoft SQL Server users while interacting with the database. So, we created this article for that reason. The appropriate workaround to resolve the SQL server stuck recovery pending in this article.

Why Does SQL Server Recovery Pending Status Occurs?

In layman’s words, there are some reasons based on which the SQL gets unable to access the database and goes to Recovery Pending status. It simply indicates that the user is unable to lock files or utilise the SQL database going forward. There appears to be an offline database issue. In general, consumers can locate a lot of them, but we have mentioned few of them are mostly. The main reasons for this are rebooting, restarting, and SQL Server databases trapped in the Recovery state.

  1. Sudden termination of SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Execute a recovery process using a damaged backup file.
  3. when the target database’s allotted space is full.

How Can a User Determine/Check the State of the SQL Server Database?

A SQL Server database’s current running mode is indicated by the database’s state. One state of the database can be active at once. The state_desc column of the sys.databases catalogue view can be used to determine a database’s current state.

Query to view the SQL Server Database State:

SELECT name, state_desc  FROM sys.databases

Once the is executed, this will be the following result.

list of database online state

Different States of the SQL Server Database

  1. Online

When a database is in the ONLINE state, it is completely accessible and can be used for all operations. Although the principal (or default) filegroup is online in this situation, it may still be necessary to complete the database recovery’s undo stage.

In essence, a SQL database that is in the ONLINE state is sound and operates regularly. A database should ideally enter this state as soon as it is started on SQL Server.

  1. Suspect

SUSPECT mode is activated when database recovery attempts are unsuccessful, or the database becomes corrupt. Users cannot access a database that has the flag, SUSPECT. However, you can make the database accessible by running “DBCC CHECKDB with REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS” or the “Restore and Recovery” approach.

  1. Recovery Pending State

If your database is in the RECOVERY PENDING state, it signifies that the database recovery process failed due to missing files or maybe because of resource constraints, making it unable to effectively recover the database. However, the database is still intact. In this scenario, the user won’t be able to access the database and will need to do further user action to fix the problem and enable the recovery procedure to be successful.

In this post, we are considering that the user’s SQL server database went into a Recovery pending state, so based on that, the methods is discussed below to resolve the issue of SQL server recovery pending state.

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Recreating the log Files (Emergency Mode)

If the error log indicates that a database log file that may have been removed, renamed, or corrupted prevented a successful database recovery. This method can help users to resolve SQL server recovery pending status.

  • Initially, put the database in emergency mode.
  • Then Detach the database (Take it OFFLINE);
  • Re-attach it (bring it online).

The script below completes all of the aforementioned stages (change DATABASENAME with the name of your database):

sql server recovery pending state

Smart Method to Fix the SQL Server Stuck Recovery Pending

If the above method fails to fix the issue of SQL server recovery pending state, then the next best alternative is to use a SQL Recovery Tool for SQL server recovery problem. Here we can use SQL Database Recovery in this illustration.

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This convenient preview tool lets users browse both the corrupted and healthy parts of your database file without having to mount to the SQL environment, and it supports practically all versions of SQL server. To determine whether data is thought to be recoverable, you can download and utilise the application without cost. Even when employing recovery tools, it’s crucial to make sure you have a second copy of the data just in case.

1:Download the utility and select the Open option to open the required MDF files.

sql server recovery pending state

2: Now, use Quick/Advanced Scan mode for damaged or corrupted files.

scanning mode

3:Preview/check your data files once the scanning process completes.

check the files loaded

4: In Export Options, type the targeted SQL server details.

enter destination server details

5: Finally, hit the Export button to resolve the SQL server recovery pending state.

sql server recovery pending state

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In this blog, we have provided a quick guide on how to fix and resolve the issue of SQL server recovery pending state. We have explained a manual solution to fix the issue. Apart from that for making the process easier we have also mentioned the automated tool which executes and completes the task within the minimum possible time.