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Import Outlook Emails to MBOX – Ingenious Tech-Guide for All Users

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Import • 6 Minutes Reading

This tech-guide states all the possible methods to import Outlook to MBOX. Mostly, users import their data files to another format when the email client doesn’t support the same file format.

Like Outlook that supports PST & OST files only but Thunderbird doesn’t. To move your data there, you will have to import the files into a different format supported by Thunderbird i.e. MBOX.

Majorly when you are switching between email platforms and different formats are used, you import.

But, why does the need to switch arise?

Users change their platforms when the purpose of an email client is fulfilled. You can import Outlook emails to MBOX to make sure it is possible to access the data in the other email client.

Whenever you are switching from one company to another, there is a possibility you might need to switch between platforms as well. This leads to converting data files according to the formats which you can perform in a quick manner.


That’s what we are here to explain.

Want to learn the steps? Let’s check out below.

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Multiple Methods to Import Outlook to MBOX

We can complete the operation by using the manual techniques available in Outlook. One can be done by following these steps:

  1. For Outlook 2010 or new editions: Choose the triangle given below the MessageSave button to open the menu
  2. Choose Apple Mac Export Export Messages
  3. Then hit Save.

This method is a useful one and provides accurate results. However, there are other techniques to complete the transfer.

We will be explaining the steps of these methods along with any disadvantages to give a clear view to the users.

Method 1 – Import Outlook to MBOX Via MessageSave Tool

This method makes use of the MessageSave Tool of Outlook. Follow these steps to import the data:

  • Launch Outlook & select the messages that you want to export
  • Click on the MessageSave option from the toolbar menu
  • If you want, you can choose the Include Subfolders option to export data from the subfolders of the current folder as well
  • Choose the MBOX option in the Format option
  • Hit the Save Now button to complete the process
  • After that, you will be able to see the files in the destination directory.

Note: It is easy to import Outlook to MBOX but some clients like Thunderbird show errors while importing files with longer names or certain characters. Try to rename your files to a shorter name & avoid using characters.

With the steps above, you must think it is easy to convert the data quickly. Well, that’s not entirely true.

Method 2 – Google Workspace Method Allows Conversion

There are two stages of this method:

  1. Transferring data to Gmail
  2. Using Google Takeout

Take a look at the first stage.

Stage 1 – Importing Data from Outlook Using GWMMO Tool

GWMMO Tool to import Outlook emails to MBOX is the Google Workspace Migration to Microsoft Outlook Tool which has the following steps:

1. Start by downloading the tool and launch it on your Windows machines

Import Outlook to MBOX

2. Login to your Gmail account and hit Continue


3. After that, select the files to be exported in Google Workspace account and hit Continue

4. Then, choose the categories you want to export along with choosing the dates if needed and hit Migrate.

Import Outlook Emails to MBOX

Once the data is migrated, you can go to the next stage for completing the conversion process.

Stage 2 – Import Outlook to MBOX Via Google Takeout Tool

1. Login to your Gmail account and click on the Data & Privacy option


2. Choose the Download or Delete Your Data option from the window that appears


3. Click on the Deselect all option

Selective Import Outlook Emails

4. Scroll down to choose the Mail checkbox and mark the folders you want to export


5. Press the Next Step button to move further

6. Set the destination location and the File Size & File Type in the next window

Import MS Outlook to MBOX

7. Hit Create Export to complete the process.

The data will be downloaded in a Zip folder. To import Outlook emails to MBOX, extract the files from the Zip folder. You will have your MBOX files in your choice of folder.

Another method for the same is given below.

Method 3 – Converting Data Files Using Mozilla Thunderbird Application

1. Start by setting the Default App Settings in the Windows Search tab

2. From the list that displays, check if Outlook is your default email client. If not, select Outlook from the drop-down in Default Email Account option to make Outlook your primary email client

3. Then, launch Thunderbird & hit the Tools Click on the Import option to start the process to import Outlook to MBOX


4. Now, click on the Mail radio button from the dialog box that appears. Hit Next


5. Choose the Outlook option from the new dialog box and hit Next. Click on Finish

Finish Outlook Emails to MBOX

6. Lastly, navigate to Default App Settings again after the entire data is exported. Then, configure Thunderbird to be the default email application of the system

7. Reopen Thunderbird to find the Outlook data in there

8. Click on the Tools tab, choose ImportExportTools option, and hit Export Folder


9. Extract the data and you will have your MBOX files.

Demerits of Manual Method to Import Outlook Emails to MBOX 

  • No separate files can be created for separate messages by using the MessageSave Tool.
  • The Google Takeout Method takes from hours to days to complete the export and there is no guarantee it will be in the same format.
  • Large Outlook messages might not be converted and corruption in these files is possible.
  • The manual methods suck a lot of users’ time and effort with a high risk of data loss.
  • Transferring multiple folders is difficult and becomes a lengthy procedure.

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Professionally Import Outlook to MBOX With No Limitations

The smart solution for importing Outlook data files is the BitResQ Outlook PST Conversion Utility which is capable of converting the data files into your desired format.

This tool will cover up all the drawbacks of the manual method. You will be able to export data in bulk and create separate files for separate messages.

The choice will be yours to create a single file or separate files. Neither of the options will take more than a few minutes to complete resolving the time issue.

Moving Towards the End

The procedures to import Outlook to MBOX are difficult to perform and are quite complex for the novice users. They can be performed if you are always careful but the time that they take along with other drawbacks make users think twice.

Outlook being a paid email client, it is not suitable for every user which is why they start moving to Thunderbird if it gets difficult handling Outlook. If you find any trouble using the manual method, the software is always available to help you out.