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Convert Outlook MSG Contacts to vCard File Format Manually

Convert Outlook MSG to vCard Format?
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 8, 2022 • Convert • 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you seeking a way to convert Outlook MSG to vCard? If so, you will find the way to convert Outlook MSG contacts to vCard in this post. Here, we will provide both free and professional solutions for doing this task.

Whenever it comes to staying in touch with individuals, contacts are crucial. With the rising usage of the internet in the present period, an increasing number of individuals desire communication on a professional or personal level. When it comes to working contexts, all professionals interact using email applications. One of them is the Microsoft Outlook email client.

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the number of users searching for a tool to convert MSG to vCard format. vCard is a uniform standard for storing contact information in an address book. A large variety of email apps and cell phones supports this file format efficiently. Users may easily import and convert vCard files from their email apps. That is why Outlook MSG to vCard conversion becomes important.

Common benefits of vCard File Format

  • The vCard contacts may be seen directly without the use of an email client or a desktop client.
  • It’s easy to send a vCard with the help of Bluetooth technology. As a consequence, connections may be simply shared through the use of standard mobile phone capability.
  • Other email applications, such as Gmail, may easily be linked to the vCard files. As a result, you may also exchange contacts between Outlook and other software.
  • The key advantage is that vCard files may be viewed even when there is no internet connection available.
  • It is one of the most straightforward techniques for converting contacts from MSG file to vCard file format, and one can access it on mobile devices, PCs, and tablets, among other devices.

How to Convert Outlook MSG to vCard Files? Various Workarounds

You can easily perform this task with the help of various methods-

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Now, we are going to list both methods in the section below. Go through with it to understand it in better way.

Convert Outlook MSG Contacts to vCard Format Manually

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer > Contacts
  • Select the MSG contact which you need to convert into vCard format
  • Navigate to the File option, available at the top left corner of the screen


  • Now, choose the Save As option to begin the MSG address book to vCard conversion process

click on Save as

  • Select vCard from the Save As Type dropdown to finally save the contacts.

choose save as to convert outlook msg to vcard

Keep in mind: You can only convert one contact at a single time using this manual method. To securely bulk convert Outlook MSG to vCard file format, choose the expert-recommended utility.

Extract Outlook Address Book using Business Card Manually

  • For doing this task, first, open contacts from the Microsoft Outlook email client
  • Select the option saying Forward Contacts and select a business card

business card selection

  • Enter the email address of the person whose contact you would like to convert

provide email id to convert outlook msg to vcard

  • Following that, send an email to the above-mentioned address to convert Outlook MSG to vCard file
  • Once its done, open mail to retrieve the contact’s attachments
  • The last step is to click and choose the Download Attachment.

Keep in mind: Due to the attachment size constraint, you cannot convert a large number of MSG contacts to vCard format simultaneously.

How to Convert Outlook MSG to vCard Professionally?

Manual approaches, as we have seen, have several shortcomings. Their services are beneficial for you if you just wan the conversion of a few Outlook MSG contacts to vCard format. Hence, the manual procedures are ineffective for performing a large-scale conversion.

At this point you should go for the professional solution. As a result, we would like to recommend you to use the BitResQ Converter Tool for MSG Files. It is the direct method for obtaining precise and secure conversion.

This solution allows you to convert an infinite number of MSG messages to vCard. Means you can perform the task without worrying about file size limitations. This advanced program allows to merging of multiple contacts into a single vCard file. Other than this, you can also create a single vCard for a single MSG file. So, operate this automated program and make the best out of it.

Not just this, but if you want the direct conversion of MSG file to MBOX file format, then it is also possible.

The Final Statement

Usually, we consider contacts as a critical entity when it comes to having an uninterrupted experience. As a result, we have provided various methods that you can use to convert Outlook MSG to vCard file. For a seamless and bulk conversion, we suggest you to use the professionally-recommended program. As this is pre-tested by the top technical experts. So, you can perform Outlook MSG contacts to vCard process without hampering your contacts information.