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How to Convert Outlook OLM File to ICS Mac Manually?

Convert OLM to ICS Mac
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 6, 2023 • Convert • 6 Minutes Reading

Do you want to convert OLM to ICS mac files? However, no one wants to misplace a well-organized calendar that has all of their appointments, important dates, and events. If you’re a Mac Outlook user looking for ways to export Outlook for Mac data to ICS, you’ve come to the right page. Please note that the information, from a calendar in Mac Outlook is saved in OLM format rather than ICS format. As a result, you will need to export Mac Outlook calendar to ICS in this manner.

OLM is a Mac-specific database file that stores emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes, among other things. It will be difficult for Mac Outlook user to migrate their calendar to a Windows platform since Windows does not accept OLM files. You must convert OLM file to ICS mac if you want to access your calendar from other email applications on the Windows platform with OLM to ICS converter tool.

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Practical User Query for OLM Conversion

“Hi, I need to go from a Mac to a Windows computer. Although I use Mac Outlook 2016 and need to convert my calendar from Mac Outlook to a Windows email client. Calendars are stored in ICS format, according to certain websites, however, I couldn’t discover a way to convert Mac OLM file to ICS mac format. Please provide a way or OLM to ICS converter tool for transferring my calendar. Thanks!”

Why Need to Convert OLM Files to iCal Format

Many people all around the globe desire to export Mac Outlook calendar to ICS Mac format because…

  • Emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other items are all contained in an OLM file, but some users only want to access OLM calendars and do not require the other items, so they want to convert calendars from OLM to iCal format, which is the standard file format for storing calendar information.
  • Because the .ics file can only hold calendar-related information, while OLM is a mix of all information, the file size will be decreased after conversion to iCalendar format.
  • Users may import the resulting .ics file into other email applications or email clients after that convert OLM to ICS Mac format. Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, IBM Notes, Zimbra, and the eM client are just a few of the email clients available.
  • Moreover, users on the internet may simply transmit meeting requests, events, and task-related info to other users.
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Get Different Solutions to Convert OLM to ICS

In this post, we’ll show you how to convert Mac Outlook calendar 2016 to ICS format using a professional solution. There are two methods to complete this query;

Export Mac Outlook Calendar to ICS Manually

The need for doing this can be any, but whatever the need is for it. To do this entire process manually, you have to first import the .olm files into Mac Outlook. Then in the second phase, we will tell you how to convert OLM to ICS mac.

Just go through the next section to understand this entire process in a better way. Learn how you can convert your important OLM events, appointments and other details into ICS.

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Phase 1: Import OLM Files into Mac Outlook Manually

  1. Firstly, open Mac Outlook for the Mac Machine to convert OLM to ICS
  2. After that, choose on the tool tab and then click on the Import option
    click on the tool tab
  3. “What do you want to import?” it now asks. Choose “Outlook for Mac archive file .olm” from the drop-down menu and import the OLM file that appears.
    convert olm to ics mac

In Phase 2: Manually Convert OLM Files to ICS Format

  1. Launch Mac Outlook on your Mac and choose Tool option
    click on the tool tab
  2. After that, choose the Export option in the menu bar and then When the Export window appears, check the Calendar box and then click Continue
    choose calendar option
  3. Then, in the Save As box, enter the name of the target file and then click Save
    file name
  4. By doing so, your data has been successfully converted to ICS format.
    convert olm to ics mac

Limitation of Manual Approach for OLM File to ICS

  • However, a single calendar event may be converted at a time. In case, if you want to store many events, you must use this technique for each independently.
  • Likewise, if you want to export Mac Outlook calendar to ICS based on certain properties (topic, location, event time, etc.), you must first read all of the calendar data. After that, the necessary data may export.
  • Although, saving a single event at a time is a time-consuming and exhausting task. As a result, it takes a lot of patience to perform.
  • Moreover, then there are attachments to a calendar event, this technique cannot rely upon to convert calendar data with attachments.

So, to get over these constraints, it’s best to employ a professional technique that converts OLM to ICS mac with precision and efficiency.

Convert OLM to ICS Mac Format with Automatic Solution

The quickest and professional approach to viewing Outlook Mac Calendar in multiple email clients is to use BitResQ Download OLM File Converter Tool. It’s the greatest program for export Mac Outlook calendar to ICS in bulk without losing data. Also, multiple OLM files may be sent to ICS format without any problems.

Additionally, it allows you conversion of Mac OLM file into Thunderbird, also into Gmail account, even in CSV file, also into Yahoo Mail, in your G-Suite account and more file formats & web email clients. In fact, it has other functions that you will discover once you run this self-operated program.

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In this article, we have went through two distinct ways to convert OLM to ICS mac in this article. Here, we have made every effort to handle all of your conversion issues and provided the best answer. However, any of the other techniques described may use to convert OLM to iCal. So, for the most accurate results, we recommend to use the OLM to ICS Converter. On top of this, you may utilize the free demo version of this program to see how it works.