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How to Save OLM File as Adobe PDF with Attachments Manually?

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Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 6, 2023 • Convert • 6 Minutes Reading

Introduction: If you’re looking for a definite approach to convert OLM to PDF document then you may find this article helpful. As here you will get to know different procedure for single and bulk Outlook for OLM file to PDF conversion.

The Outlook for Mac stores all information such as emails, attachments, notes, contacts, and calendars in OLM file. Outlook uses this file format while working on Mac operating systems. Although everyone in your business probably has Mac computers, this is rare. As a result, many of you prefer the file format that more people can access it. So, you can resolve this query quickly by converting OLM file to Adobe PDF.

Adobe has created the Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF. Moreover, the PDF file is secure enough to securely convert documents and their content. Hence, this post will cover all the reasons for Outlook for Mac OLM to PDF conversion. Along with this, you will get several simple techniques to get the job done.

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Reasons to Convert OLM to PDF Document

Firstly, let’s understand the situation by a user query.

Hello, I work for an IT company. I am currently working on a project and my supervisor has asked me to provide all data in Adobe PDF format. So that,  you can easily access via cell phone. As a Mac Outlook 2016 user, I want to  convert Mac Outlook data to PDF files with attachments. As a result, I am looking for a quick way to convert all my OLM emails to PDF files. Provide techniques to convert OLM files to PDF format.

Just like this user, many of you may be worried about the same situation. But, no need to worry more as here we will be going to describe the best methods to save emails from OLM file as PDF.

Common Reasons For Saving .OLM Data as Adobe PDF

There are various advanced characteristics in the PDF file, including:

  • Privacy: Adobe PDF is a safe and secure file format. By using a password to protect the document, you can ensure that it remains private. The fact that it has such extensive access and mobility does not exclude it from password protection and surveillance.
  • Compact: Compared to other file formats, the PDF file size is significantly smaller. Users find it easier to keep their data in PDF format because it takes up less storage space than other formats.
  • Portable: A PDF file, or portable document format, is clearly identified by the word itself as capable of being transferred quickly and without destruction from one place to another.

Above we have mentioned some advantages of the PDF file format for you all. However, there are many others benefits as well. Now, let’s just skip to the solutions for the same.

Manual Technique to Convert OLM to PDF File

However, you can save individual emails as PDF documents using the “Print” option in the Outlook for Mac. Moreover, this technique is more suitable for you all who are know the location of OLM file in Mac Outlook. But just remember, it does not save OLM email attachments to a different format. Now, just follow the basic manual steps to perform the entire process –

  • Initially, Outlook for Mac should be open on your Mac operating machine
  • Then, choose the email you want the conversion of into Adobe PDF. There will be a new window pop-up for you to read
  • Select File and then “Print” from the drop-down menu
  • The print panel will be displayed at this point. Here, pick the “Save as PDF” option from the drop down arrow
  • Just after this, provide any name of your choice to the file and specifying where to save it
  • By doing so, the conversion of the OLM file into Adobe PDF will be successful.

It is very easy to convert .olm file to PDF file manually if you follow the steps above. However, there are many limitations to the manual procedure. For this reason, so, we recommend you to use a professional approach to complete this task.

Professional Method to Save .OLM File as Adobe PDF

Unfortunately, you can just process the few OLM file conversion into PDF file with manual method. But when you wants to convert a large OLM file, you need to use a professional method. The professional BitResQ Outlook for Mac OLM Converter Solution is one of the most amazing applications available. Using it, you can easily convert thousands of OLM files to PDF format in just a few clicks.

In addition, the application presents a very basic interface. As a result, technical and non-technical users can simply use it without facing difficulties. Also, when you start the conversion of files or folders from OLM to PDF, this application keeps all the properties. With this app, you can also convert your OLM to different file formats and email services like CSV format, Gmail account, Thunderbird application and more.

Even the best thing about this self-operated program is saving the attachments of OLM files. Yes, whatever attached files are there to the Outlook for Mac OLM files. It will smoothly save bulk emails from OLM file as PDF with attachments without any data interruption. Moreover, if you want to use it into either Mac OS or Windows OS, it’s up to you, as it supports Mac and Windows operating machines. Most amazing feature it provides its free demo version, that you can use.

For Windows

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For Mac

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Guide For Bulk Emails Conversion Instantly

Download the application from above and install it then follow the guide to convert OLM to PDF file process-

  • In the first step, pick Select File or Select Folder given option

save olm as pdf

  • Then, just select the PDF file format from the exporting option

choose PDF format

  • After that, select the Destination Path where you want to save emails from Mac OLM file as Adobe PDF

convert olm to pdf

  • Eventually, hit the Convert button to start convert Outlook for Mac OLM file to PDF process.

convert olm to pdf

Time to Conclude

Many of you may like a file format that is easier to read, so you prefer to convert OLM to PDF. Due to the inherent complexity, there are only a few ways to save .OLM file to Adobe PDF documents. However, manual technology is suitable for converting few Outlook for Mac OLM email messages that do not contain attachments. On the other hand, the mentioned solution will help you for bulk file conversion along with attachments. Hence, we recommend you to choose it to overcome the limitations of manual methods.