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Convert Outlook MSG to TXT – Batch Conversion of Email Files

Convert Outlook MSG to TXT
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 16, 2022 • Convert • 6 Minutes Reading

Common Query: I am at the post of senior executive at a consultancy firm. Outlook is my primary email client which I am using for emailing & communication. Now, I want to convert Outlook MSG to TXT so that I can accomplish certain work requirements. Does anybody know how I can convert the data? Please state some suggestions below. Thanks in advance!

MSG file format saves a single message file whose content you cannot access with any other email client. Microsoft has created MSG files with MAPi coding, which is why only a few email clients can view these files like Outlook, Zimbra, MDaemon, etc.

Various users can relate to the above-mentioned query and are looking for solutions to convert MSG to Text.

Due to the limited access to MSG files, users who want to read or use the content of these files without Outlook are struggling.

Today, we have come up with the techniques to help solve this query for the users.

Since conversion from one file format to another is a complicated task & can cause loss or damage situations, it is preferable to use a trusted solution.

But before that, we will learn about the formats in brief.

Brief About MSG & TXT Formats for MSG Files to TXT Conversion

Before learning to how to convert Outlook MSG to TXT files, first understand MSG & TXT formats.

As we have read above, MSG format is a single message file which can only be accessed in Outlook, MDaemon, Zimbra, etc. This is because of the MAPi coding by Microsoft that makes this file inaccessible in all email clients.

On the other hand, TXT format is accessible with various email clients. Furthermore, these files contain data without any format. Not only that, these files do not depend on any email client (web or desktop). Plus, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time via any device.

How to Convert Outlook MSG to TXT Using a Free Method?

Usually, a major amount of verticals prefer using a manual & a free method for such procedures. In this section, we will be explaining the steps for converting the MSG file data manually. But you must have Microsoft Outlook with a configured account installed on your desktop.

If you already have that, go through these steps:

1. Start by opening the Outlook application on your desktop

2. Then, just select the email message you want to transfer from the inbox. Then, tap on the File option from left panel

convert outlook msg to txt

3. Choose the Save as option from the extended menu

tap on the save as

4. Press on the Save as Type option to choose the format as Text only (.txt) from the dropdown.

choose txt format

5. Lastly, hit the Save button to complete the process.

convert outlook msg to txt

After the files are saved, you can move to the location and access the converted file in any email client.

This procedure seems to be quite easy, well, it is. However, it consists of certain drawbacks. Let’s take a look at them.

What Limitations Does the Manual Method Impose?

Following are the drawbacks of manual technique to convert Outlook MSG to TXT:

  • You will need to perform the entire process separately for each message, converting Outlook messages in bulk becomes a problem.
  • Similarly, it takes a lot of time to export each message one-by-one creating confusion between the on-going operation.
  • Not only that, but both the formatting and data integrity will be lost during the process as TXT format will save the data without any formatting.
  • Additionally, it becomes a lengthy procedure if you decide to transfer one message at a time for multiple emails.

Re-thinking about manual operation? Yeah! It is a difficult task after all.

How to Convert Outlook MSG to TXT Format Professionally?

It’s quite simple actually, Switch to the professional approach.

What is it? It’s BitResQ Outlook MSG File Conversion Software which is capable for converting message files in bulk. Moreover, this entire will be done without causing any data failure or any trouble to you.


It has algorithms that allows you to perform a simple operation for converting the required data files. Furthermore, there are no layers, it is a simple step-by-step process. Even if you want the direct conversion of MSG file to MBOX format, then it is also possible.

For Windows

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For Mac

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Even the users with no or less technical knowledge can use this program without facing any complications. The best thing about this self-operated utility is that it can work with Windows and Mac OS. So, you can operate in either on latest version or oldest version of both operating system.

Benefits of Using the Utility for Instant Conversion

  • Provides conversion in multiple file formats in a single shot.
  • Likewise, the conversion in bulk along with attachments is possible with this advanced tool.
  • Also, the date-range filter to insert files from a specific time-period only.
  • Moreover, you can preview in various view modes before converting the data.
  • It offers multiple Naming Convention options to rename the Outlook messages.
  • Outlook installation is not mandatory to perform the convert Outlook MSG to TXT process.
  • The great thing about this tool, it completes the process in a few minutes only.
  • Also, allows you to save messages with the same formatting as before conversion.

Wrap Up

However, the main objective of the article is to provide the simple techniques to convert Outlook MSG to TXT. Although, if any of you who were finding it difficult for converting the Outlook messages in bulk without losing any formatting can easily convert the files now.

So, if there are only 4-5 messages for conversion, the manual method can be used but not for bulk conversion. As it is a one-by-one message conversion technique. Even, it takes a lot of time for multiple messages. Hence, we recommend you to choose the second method as described as self-operated software for bulk MSG to TXT conversion.