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How to Export Outlook Email Message to Word Document?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Export • 4 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you looking for a solution to export Outlook email to Word documents? If the answer is yes, read this blog post for solutions to all questions. Read the full blog and stay tuned for more details.

User Query: “Hi! My boss sent me a bunch of important documents inserted into the body of an email in Outlook. Then you have to edit those documents, but you can’t open the email and do the task every time you need it. Therefore, for this purpose, export your Outlook message to Word. Can anyone suggest a reliable way to accomplish this task? I would be thankful.”
Niyati, UK

Many people, like the above user, are looking for solutions to the same type of problem. The above was the most common problem for users.

Why Doc & Docx format is preferred? – Reason

DOC and DOCX documents are flexible and always capable of handling multiple tasks for different user types. The Word document contains a message, but it also contains a wide set of visual components such as charts and tables. The fundamental factor to keep in mind when deciding whether this type of document can be directly selected is the editing power it offers.

The default desire for any file format is to have the ability to change it. The Word Doc format takes this a step further, providing editing capabilities for anyone retrieving the file.

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Manual Solution to Export Outlook Email to Word File

Few users are looking for a manual solution to get this task done. Follow the steps below to complete this task.

To start the process, the user must first start the Outlook program on the system.

  1. Then, pitch on an email which you want to export
  2. Next turn to the “File” menu and then select “Save As” option Export Outlook Email to Word
  3. Subsequently, in the pop-up dialogue box, select a destination folder and choose “Text Only” in “Save as type” field
    save email as text
  4. After that, click “Save” button, you can open your Microsoft Word application
  5. In the Microsoft Word, turn to “File” menu and select the “Open”
  6. Then , in pop-up “Open” dialogue box, select “All Files” in “File name” line and pitch on the previously saved text file
    open text file in word
  7. Thereafter, click “Open”, the email in text file type will open in word
  8. Later you can also select “File” > “Save As”
  9. Finally, in the “Save as” dialogue box, user have to choose “Word Document” in “Save as type” and hit “Save”.
    export process completed

What are the Drawbacks of Using Manual Solution?

There are some downsides to using the manual approach above. Some of the reasons are listed here:

1. The above manual procedure is time-consuming and time-consuming. It takes a considerable amount of time for the user to complete the task.

2. Technical knowledge is required to complete the task. Without technical guidance, non-technical users cannot complete the task.

3. If the user chooses this approach, the user may lose the correct format of the document as well.

4. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy of output data.

Note: To avoid all these limitations it is better to avoid manual procedures and go with an automated solution for performing the task.

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Best Automation Solution to Export Outlook Emails to Word Documents

As explained earlier, the manual method is not the perfect approach for the user. Therefore, users are advised to use a professional solution. BitResQ Outlook Data Conversion Tool is the perfect software to export multiple emails to a Word document in seconds. Users can upload both Outlook data files (.pst or .ost) directly.

This application is easy to use for both professional and non-professional users. No special technical skills are required to operate the software. Users can easily export multiple Outlook emails with this software. Exporting bulk emails can save users much time and make the output data 100% accurate.

Final Say

In the above article, we briefly shared the solution to export Outlook emails to Word documents. Users who had problems performing this task can read this informative blog. It helps them to perform tasks easily. We have both professional and manual solutions covered for you. Users can use it as needed.

However, professional solutions like BitResQ Software are suitable for both technical and non-technical users. It doesn’t bother the user. It also offers the most accurate output. We hope this post answers all your questions on the subject.