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Move Outlook Data Files to Another Drive Step-by-Step Guide

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Apr 28, 2022 • Move • 5 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking the best solutions to move Outlook data files to another drive? If so, then do not worry, we are to help you. Let’s get going!

MS Outlook is the most popularly used email client by many industry professionals. It stores the entire user mailbox info. in a Personal storage table (PST) in the form of data files. Though, there are circumstances, when the user wants to transfer Outlook data to a new computer from the existing one. The new location could be anything like a network drive, new computer, etc. It totally depends on an individual’s choice where they accurately want to transfer Outlook data files.

We are going to mention a few reasons why a person needs to move Outlook data files to a new computer.

  • Switching from one version of Outlook to another version of Outlook
  • Moving from one version of Windows to another version of Windows
  • If the users are moving from desktop Outlook to Outlook Web Access

Traditional Solutions to Move Outlook Data Files

Following are the steps to move Outlook data files to another drive and open files on a new computer. 

Method 1: Copy PST File from Default Location

In the first step, one needs to export Outlook data to a PST file. Here are the steps that will help to move the Outlook data file to another drive

  • Firstly, close Outlook on the original system and click on the Start button or press the Windows key
  • Following this, type Run in the search bar. A small box with Run written will appear
  • Now, type Control Panel in the Run box. A Control Panel window will appear n the screen
  • From the ‘Pick a Category’ page, choose User Accounts
  • After that, tap on the Mail icon to open the Mail Setup – Outlook dialogue box
  • From the Profiles section, press Show Profiles
  • A Mail dialogue box will appear
  • Under the General tab, choose an appropriate profile and tap on Properties
  • From the new Mail dialogue box, press Data Files
  • Under Name, click on the Personal Folders Service to the backup Outlook data file
  • Tap on Settings, to check the folder location where the exported file is saved
  • Next, close all the Properties windows
  • Lastly, copy the PST file to another drive on the computer or to a CD/DVD drive.

Method 2: Import / Export Option to Save PST Files

Alternatively, the user can also try to transfer single folders in Outlook to the hard drive. This is another solution to move Outlook data files to another drive.

  • In Outlook go to File >> Options
  • From the Export section, choose Export
  • Next, Import and Export Wizard box will appear. select Export to a file >> Next

click on Import/export

  • From the Export to a File section, click on Outlook data file(.pst) >> Next for moving to the next step

click on export to a file

  • After that, choose the folder that needs to be moved to a new PST file >> Next
  • Following that, browse to the folder location where the exported file will be saved
  • Under the ‘Save exported file name as’ provide a name for the new file

browse for the location: Move Outlook Data Files

  • Click on the Finish button to complete creating a new PST file for a specific single folder in Outlook.

Expert Suggested Solution to Move Outlook Data Files to Another Drive

There is another solution that can directly transfer Outlook data to another computer. This involves using BitResQ Microsoft Outlook Converter Software. This professional solution can easily move corrupted or fully damaged Outlook data files. It has an amazing feature that can also convert password-protected files. If the user has ANSI or UNICODE PST file the tool will easily move the file with the latest UNICODE PST file.

It has the efficiency to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, and all Outlook data to a separate PST file. The software can even work with the Outlook.bak file created by the Scan PST tool. It can convert the Outlook data file to multiple file formats.

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Import the Resultant File to New Computer

If you want to use the saved PST file in the new computer Outlook, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • In Outlook on the new computer, go to File >> Open >> Import
  • Now, an Import and Export Wizard box will appear. From there, select Import from another program or file >> Next>>select the Outlook data file(.pst) >> Next
  • Following this, browse to the folder location where the newly created .pst file had been saved that has been copied from the other computer
  • From the Options section, select the Do not import duplicates option >> Next
  • Finally, choose folders that are required to be imported >> Finish.

Move Outlook Data Files to New Computer – Ending Lines

In this write-up, we have explained the different solutions to move Outlook data files to another drive. Go through the solution to accomplish your task efficiently. We will suggest you opt for the software because it will give you multiple options to move the Outlook data files.