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How to Export Outlook Calendar to Google Gmail Account?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Apr 28, 2022 • Export • 6 Minutes Reading

Nowadays, many businesses come up with different requirements every day. Users all around the world need several tools & millions of files are getting converted to different formats for ease of work. Evidently, we got a query from a user who wants to export Outlook calendar to Google in bulk. Now, we realized that there are so many users struggling with such problems that may look small but are actually complex in technical terms.

Here, in this write-up, we are going to reveal the best possible solution that can help users in getting the exact results they want. Moreover, we are going to explore the freeways for executing such tasks. The benefits and the disadvantages of these methods are also there in this article. Go through these techniques & be a master of such operations.

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Export Outlook Calendar to Gmail Manually – Free Way

Let’s begin with the manual way first because of the immense demand for this. The manual method is in demand because it is open source. There is no charge for using the manual method. However, when bulls fight, crops suffer. Simply means, the manual method comes with several shortcomings that we will discuss later. It’s time to start with the step-by-step guide to this manual operation.

Step-1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application & Click on the Calendar button in the navigation panel

Step-2. Select the desired Calendar that you want to export in the ICS or iCal format

Step-3. Go to the File menu at the top corner & click on the Save as option

Step-4. Click on the Browse button & Select the Destination folder path

Step-5. Provide a Name for your file & Click on the Save button

Step-6. Your files will be converted to the iCal / ICS format. Now you can import them to your desired location for further use.

Export Outlook Calendar to Google – Manual Method Limitations

As we said above, the manual method is free but possesses several limitations that can be harmful to any business. Below are all these shortcomings that now we are going to understand.

  • The Manual Method is slow. As a result, it reduces the efficiency of the resources employed.
  • If we dig a little deeper, this method is not safe. There are chances that users may end up corrupting their data files.
  • The most frustrating issue with this method is that it is complex. Technically unsound users found themselves in trouble when they want to export Outlook calendar to iCal / ICS manually.
  • Last but not the least, this method does not allow bulk exportation of the files. Users need to export files one after another. This is a huge disappointment for businesses that want to export files in bulk.
  • There is no need to install the Outlook application to export Outlook calendar to Gmail.

These are just a few of the benefits that users can get if they opt for the modern approach. There are plenty of other features that totally justifies the amount a user spends on this tool.

Get to Know the Automated Method – A Safe & Reliable Approach

Now that we are aware of the disadvantages that are present in the manual solution. We must have another solution in hand to make a wise choice. That is why we have a modern solution. The automated solution includes an advanced desiccated tool that is designed with the only purpose of executing such tasks in a simplified manner. If you want to export Outlook calendar to Google, select the automated approach without a doubt.

BitResQ Microsoft PST Converter Program is the exact tool that users can opt for getting their results without going through the complex manual method. It counters various limitations present in the manual method along with offering extra features for ease of work. This tool is developed with extremely advanced algorithms that can perform 30X faster than manual methods.

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Export Outlook Calendar to iCal / ICS – Automated Solution Advantages

There are many reasons why users must opt for the automated approach. You can find all of these reasons below.

  • This approach is 30X faster than that of the manual approach. It is lightning fast & thus saves time.
  • It offers bulk file conversion that can reduce efforts & directly increase productivity.
  • An automated approach can recover & convert permanently deleted items from the PST files.
  • It supports multiple formats in which users can get their desired files like ICS (iCal), CSV, VCF, HTML, MHT, TXT, PDF, DOCX, DOC,& RTF.
  • Conversion of corrupted or password-protected PST files is possible with this advanced tool.

The Final Say

After discussing the free manual method & the advanced automated method, the results are in front of you. Any user who wants to export just a few casual files can trust the manual method. However, businesses with highly crucial bulk files should not risk the integrity of their data for saving a small amount.

As the judgment, several IT experts & MVPs of Google recommend using the modern solution to export Outlook calendar to Google. The reason is crystal clear. It is faster, safer & simplified. No other way can offer such impressive results to users with a 99.99% success rate.

Client Reviews

  • Last year when I was in urgent need of such a tool, I tried several other products but failed every time. My search ended when I found BitResQ software. This tool really helped me as I wasn’t technically experienced at that time. Any new user can easily operate this tool & get their desired results. What I liked, even more, is the wide range of file formats where this tool works. I would highly recommend you this utility if you want to export Outlook calendar to Gmail.
    Anant Raj, India
  • I’m using this tool for the past several years & still not having any issues. One of my friends suggested this tool & this is the right decision. This really helps me in the day-to-day business operations. What I liked the most is the safety features this utility offers. I have also tried some other tools but this is the best one so far.
    Benjamin, Japan
  • When I wasn’t able to get my files in ICS format using the manual method, it was quite frustrating for me. Then one of the team members came up with this tool & wasn’t quite sure about it. However, after using this software I was totally satisfied as it showed results better than expectations. As per my experience, I’m recommending this solution to any user who wants to export Outlook calendar to Google.
    Debbie Carlton