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How to Migrate from Kerio to Office 365 Account?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Apr 18, 2022 • Migrate • 6 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a manual solution to migrate from Kerio to Office 365? If you are still hunting for it, you’ll appreciate this post. We will discuss easy techniques to migrate data from Kerio to Microsoft Office 365.

For business reasons, people move data from one platform to another so they can do their jobs better. The main reasons for completing the Kerio to MS Office 365 conversion may be based on Office 365’s popularity and friendly interface.

But many users did not complete this migration process because of the technicalities and many obstacles. However, this problem is no more!

This informative article will explain one of the free methods to migrate Kerio Data to Office 365.

Get Solution to Migrate Kerio to Outlook

Reasons for Migrating Kerio Data to Office 365

  1. Office 365 is the most popular email client provided by Microsoft.
  2. It is easily connected with MS Outlook for database import and export processes.
  3. Microsoft updated the new version of O365 from time to time with distinctive functionality.
  4. The system’s global standing, like Office 365’s usage of Microsoft capabilities as a business suite, gives it the extra advantage of effortlessly integrating popular Office products.

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Migrate Data from Kerio to Office 365 Manually

The answer is YES, after a lot of research, I found only one manual way, which is provided in this blog.

Aside from the Kerio Outlook connector, there is no manual way available for migrating Kerio to Office 365. Manual methods are extremely difficult and are divided into multiple parts. If you skip single steps, you may have to pay a heavy price, like data loss.

First, you need to install the Kerio Outlook connector, then connect with MS Outlook. Following that, the migrated data will be imported into Office 365 using Powershell commands.

Keep in mind that you must purchase a licensed version of Kerio Outlook Connector. For a limited time, the Kerio Outlook Connector is available for free.

# 1: Get the Kerio Connector

  1. Firstly, click on the Kerio Connect and install the trial version
  2. After installing, click on the profile and choose the “Integration with Windows” option.

    download Kerio connector

  3. Lastly, hit the “Download Kerio Connector.”

#2 Add Outlook Connector with MS Outlook Account

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and click the “File” tab
  • Click on the Info >> Add account menu item
  • Choose the “Manual setup or additional server types” option >> Next option

    choose manually configure option

  • On the next window, select the “Other” option and then choose the “Kerio Connect (KOC Offline Edition)” option

    select other

Finally, if any login information is required, input it and connect it. Now the configuration will start to migrate Kerio to Office 365.

Now the Kerio mailbox will be migrated to MS Outlook. Next, we will import the data from Outlook in PST format. If you want to save MS Outlook data as PDF with attachments for backup purposes, it is also the best approach.

#3 Export Outlook Mailbox Data

  1. Launch Outlook on your system
  2. Press on the File tab >> Open & Export >> Import/Export option

    import/export option

  3. Choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option from the “Export to a File” screen

    export to a file

  4. Next, choose the data that you want to migrate

    choose folder

  5. Lastly, hit the “Browse” option to save the exported file.

    select browse option

After completing all the steps, you will get the PST file where you saved it. Now is the time to migrate the PST file into Office 365.

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#4 Multiple Steps to import PST File into Office 365

Before starting the migration process, some pre-requisites are necessary:

  1. An admin account on the Office 365 tenant is required.
  2. Import/Export Mailbox Administrator Role

Microsoft provides an Import Service that is based on Azure storage.

Step 1: Make Provisions for Storage

  • Open the O365 account, press on the Import Service >> Data Migration option

    import service

  • Next, click on the “Upload PST files” option

    upload PST

  • Press on the (+ sign) >> Upload email messages (PST file) option

    click plus migrate Kerio to Office 365

  • The storage account will be set for the initial import. To do so, choose ‘Show network upload SAS URL‘ from the drop-down menu. This URL will have the following information:
    1. The Name of the Storage Account
    2. The Name of the Container
    3. Storage Service Version, Expiry Date, Storage Type, Storage Identifier, and Signature: It includes sv – storage service version), se – expiration date, sr – storage type, si – storage identifier, and sig (signature). The Azure AzCopy Tool uses this URL to upload PST files.

    upload PST file to Office 365

Step 2: Upload the PST File via Azure Storage Explorer

After completing all the above processes, you can upload PST with two options. A user can choose between the AzCopy Tool (Command Line Tool) and the Azure Storage Explorer (Graphical Tool).

  1. You will need to connect to Azure Storage Explorer

    connect Azure Storage Explorer

  2. Insert the Shared Access Signature (SAS) URL or an account key now

    insert URL

  3. After you enter the SAS URL, you will be able to see the Connection Summary

    connection summary

  4. Then, you may use the Azure Storage Explorer Tool to import PST files


  5. After that, you can verify the list of files available on Azure by using.

    check list migrate kerio to O365

Step 3: Mapping the File

After uploading the PST file to Azure Storage, you must create a CSV file. The CSV file will be used to map the PST files to mailboxes and the destination folders so that they can be found.

Step 4: Finish Migrating Kerio to Office 365

Finally, you must import the PST mapping file. When you click the Finish button, your PST file will be imported to Office 365’s Online Archive.

mapping file

migrate from Kerio to Office 365

Limitations of the Manual Approach

  1. Manual methods are becoming difficult for users to understand and implement exactly.
  2. The time-taking process because it is divided into several steps.
  3. The Kerio Outlook Connector is offered for free for a limited time period. After that, you need to purchase a licensed version.
  4. The price of the licensed version is excessively expensive.
  5. You need technical knowledge. If you skip any step, then it will not work properly.
  6. Moreover, there are high chances of data loss, changes in formatting, folder hierarchy, and attachments also.
Direct Solution to Migrate Kerio Data to Office 365

As we see in the above section, the manual method is too lengthy and complicated. While doing the manual process, the user will get stuck at times.

However, we will provide you with a one-stop BitResQ tool to migrate Kerio data directly to MS Office 365. This software is a standalone tool that does not require any email client to complete this migration process.

It will ask for only your Office 365 credentials. Without the Kerio Server, you can easily migrate data from Kerio to O365. It doesn’t require technical knowledge to operate this software.

It will maintain the original folder hierarchy and data integrity during the migration process.