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What are the Techniques to Export Kerio Contacts to CSV Format?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Export • 4 Minutes Reading

If you really want to export your Kerio account contacts and associated data in a file format that keeps them structured, CSV (Comma Separated Values) seems to be one of the better options. As such, CSV is ideal too, and when you’re ready to export Kerio contacts to CSV, we’ll walk you through the process.

Therefore, we want to provide a reliable way to facilitate and simplify this task. You can easily export Kerio contacts to CSV. We hope it helps, so let’s take a look.

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What are the Ways to Export Kerio Contacts to CSV?

There are two methods available by which you can accomplish this task.

Manual Steps to Export Contacts from Kerio Account

  • Begin by launching the Kerio Email Server. Choose Accounts >> Users from the menu
  • Choose the Contacts you wish to export
  • Select Import/Export, then “Export to a CSV file”
  • Navigate to the Desired location and save the file.

You can export your Kerio contacts to CSV format by following the manual steps above. Please check the limitations of this method before you decide.

Manual Solution to Export Kerio Mailbox to PST Format

Manual Method Limitations

  • Might miss a little quantity of data.
  • Additional technical expertise is required.
  • Will require additional time and effort.
  • Doesn’t support to export contacts in bulk.

Best Method to Export Kerio Contacts to CSV Format

The BitResQ Labs software is a tool for this purpose. This software is for exporting Kerio data, so focus on that and do your best. This app is totally reliable and export Kerio contacts to CSV in seconds.

This app is very efficient and successful and requires minimal help from you. Yes, this software has all the comfort you need to not feel tired or stressed. In addition, the application ensures that it provides completely correct results. This application keeps all contact properties when exporting Kerio contacts. It’s just a few simple steps to follow, but I’m sure you’ll like it as it’s one of the first benefits of the tool. Now let’s take a look at the advantages of this software.

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Specifications of Kerio to CSV Export Tool

  • Select Required Data: So far, this software has considered all possible scenarios that could be a barrier. For example, if you have not configured an account, this app will help you manually select data on your device. If you have specific Kerio files and folders, you can select them.
  • Batch Export Kerio contacts: This tool respects time by automating the export of Kerio contacts to CSV. If you have many folders with Kerio contacts, you can export them all at once in one operation. This program is not limited by data size limitations, so feel free to try it.
  • Kerio Preview: The software also acts as a viewer for Kerio data. To be honest, if you have no way to access your Kerio contacts, you can use this software. With this app, you can look up all your contacts and other necessary data to see what information they contain.
  • Select Required Output Location: The software does not require you to save the file to a predefined location. You are completely free to export your Kerio contacts to CSV and store them in a location of your choice so that they are not confused with other data.
  • Standalone and Compatibility: This software is completely standalone and you can perform this activity independently. You don’t need to download any additional suitable setup to complete your work. On the other hand, this app is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 11, 10, and all earlier versions.

What do you think of this software? Is it beneficial? It should also be emphasized that these are just a handful of many features. You can learn more by running the tool directly. We wish you luck.

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You can now use Kerio Contact Exporter to export your Kerio contacts to CSV. This application is designed entirely for your comfort and therefore offers the same benefits. It’s easy to use and offers a great experience. If you want to do this task quickly and easily, you must use Kerio Contacts CSV exporter.