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Goodbye Google: Import Gmail Email to Office 365 Webmail

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 3, 2023 • Import • 7 Minutes Reading

Ready to leave the old Gmail account and shift to Microsoft 365? Here’s your go-to guide to import Gmail email to Office 365 webmail.

Import Gmail Email to Office 365: Facts You Should Know

Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail are two major competitors for cloud email communication. We often see new organizations often starting with Gmail, it’s an important corporate communication system. With business development and increasingly complex needs they have moved to Office 365 because, in the business world, Office 365 is a practical email system for productivity. Strong, secure, and stable email infrastructure. Whether or not your email works well on Gmail services, you may want to finally switch to Office 365.

More people and businesses around the world have switched to Microsoft Office 365 from Gmail because of previous optimized pricing plans. Offline file access functionality is available. High security and security threats better convenience and scalability.

Therefore, administrators and businesses looking to import Gmail email to Office 365 should carefully consider the correct approach. If you have a reason to expire and say goodbye to Google Mail, you can follow the instructions below to seamlessly import your Gmail emails into Office 365.

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Ways to Import Emails from Gmail to Office 365

When you switch from Gmail to Microsoft 365 email, you have two options:

Import copies of all your old emails into Microsoft Office 365 email so you can have all your current emails and emails in one account. Select this option You already have the MS Outlook application on your computer. and you intend to log out of your Gmail account. The guidelines are given below.


Connect your previous email account with Outlook, this will allow you to view and access your old data. However, it’s safe in your Gmail account, not in your Microsoft 365 account. Select this option if you want to keep your Gmail account working or if you do not have the Outlook application on your computer.

Preparation Before you Start Process

  • Correct Office 365 email ID and password.
  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook app.
  • Add your Microsoft 365 mailbox to Outlook. (If you don’t know how to do it, read the given note)

Quick side note: Steps to add Office 365 email account to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook¸ go to File >> Add account
  2. Specify your email address for Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2016 and click on Connect tab
  3. Or, enter the name, email address, the password for Outlook 2016 and tap on the Next tab
  4. Choose OK >> Finish

Manually Import Email from Gmail to Office 365

Here, in this section, we have explained all the steps to import Gmail email to Office 365.

Phase 1- Get started with Gmail to connect with MS Outlook

Firstly, ensure that your Gmail account is ready to connect with the Outlook app. Enable the 2-step verification for Gmail and thereafter, generate an app password that Office 365 will utilize with your Google mail account.

Phase 2- Add Google Account to Outlook to Import Mail from Gmail to Office 365

After the above steps, you can clearly see all your Gmail account emails in Outlook. Now, follow these steps to import Gmail email to Office 365:

  1. Open MS Outlook and navigate to the File menu bar on the left of the screen.
    go to file menu
  2. Now, in the Outlook application, go to Add account
    add account
  3. In the opened Add account dialogue box, specify your name, email address, password and click on the Next button
    click on auto account setup
    Note- If this configuration does not end and you are again asked to mention your user name and password for the server then choose Cancel and then re-specify your password.
  4. Tap on Finish. Thus, your Outlook app now syncs with your Gmail.
    outlook sync with gmail

Phase 3- Copy Google Mail Emails to your Computer Desktop

After finishing the above steps, a copy of Google mail account messages will be saved in an Outlook Data file (.pst) that Outlook generated on your desktop.

  1. Now, in Outlook, navigate to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
    go to import export option
  2. Select Export to a file and thereafter click on the Next tab at the bottom
    export to a file
  3. Select Outlook Data file (.pst) from the Export to a file dialogue box and again tap on Next
    choose outlook data file
  4. Next, choose the account you want to export by selecting either the name or email ID of your Gmail account. Enable the checkbox of Include subfolders and click on Next
    choose account
  5. In the “Save exported file as” box, you can browse any file saving location to save the .pst file and mention a file name. Tap on the Finish button at the end
    saving location
  6. If you wish to add an optional password if needed. Otherwise, click Ok to save the file
    click on ok
  7. So, the Outlook app starts to save all data instantly. Navigate to the saving location where you stored the .pst file

Phase 4- Copy Gmail Account to Office 365 Mailbox

Now, your emails present in the .pst file will be stored in the Office 365 mailbox.

    1. So, again go to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export

go to file menu

  • In the “Import and Export Wizard” box, select Import from another program or file and click on Next
    import from another program or file
  • In the “Import a File” box, select Outlook Data File (.pst)>> Next
  • select pst
  • The “Import Outlook Data File” dialogue box appears in which you need to browse the required .pst file which you created in Phase 3. In the Options, select how you want the duplicates and again tap on Next
  • Enable “Import items into the same folder in” to import Gmail email to Office 365 mailbox
    import items into the same folder
  • Lastly, Outlook starts to copy all data to your Office 365 account
  • In the end, you can view the Gmail emails in the Office 365 mailbox
  • outlook starts copying emails
  • Also, since all your old emails are present in the Office 365 mailbox, thus you can utilize Outlook on the web to read those emails from any device.
    import gmail email to office 365


Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Long and tedious process (depending on the amount of data, may take hours)
  • Needs professional assistance
  • Not a feasible method for IT admins and businesses who have huge data
  • Do not ensure data safety

Get a Professional Migration Safety Net

This ensures that no Gmail data is lost during the process. The user will take some time to examine the situation and plan a strategy. The above process to import Gmail emails into Office 365 may fail. You will be better able to manage this process and ensure that all data is successfully imported.

You can use BitResQ to import Gmail emails into Office 365. This product helps administrators avoid common problems and errors related to how to manually import Gmail emails into Office 365. This way, you can import your data into a batch in one processing cycle. It can also be optimized to run on all the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 .

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Over to you

We know that there are some disadvantages to switching email platforms. The whole transition process should no longer be a problem for entrepreneurs, however, it can seem confusing and overwhelming. But importing emails from Gmail into Office 365 doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as the user is focused on the tips and practices outlined above.

If your organization is thinking of changing be sure to use this guide to make the above process smooth and easy.

But if your head is still confused Looking for more help on how to import mail from Gmail to Office 365, contact our expert team. BitResQ as advice for data import A little help from a technology expert makes a big difference in productivity.