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Free Ways to Download Gmail Emails to Hard Drive

February 10th, 2022 ~ Download ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Download Gmail emails to hard drive is the most searched query on the internet.

In this write-up, you will get amazing and free techniques to download your Gmail account to hard drive.

In this digital era, email clients play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Our entire set of critical information is saved in our email client. But have you ever considered what would happen if your email client became corrupted or crashed? What are you going to do at that point? Nothing. Because you won’t have any other options at that moment.

So, having a backup plan is essential. Always archive your data when you use any email client to avoid experiencing these kinds of issues.

Many Gmail users are aware of the importance of backups and are looking for methods to download Gmail emails to hard drive.

For those users, here we have the easiest and free method. So, without any further ado, let’s start the topic.

“Hello there, I’m seeking a method to download Gmail emails to hard drive because I have lost faith in the email client after losing some data. Since then, I haven’t put my trust in email clients. So, I want to archive all of my data. Please provide me with a fantastic answer.”

Reasons to Download Gmail Account Data to Hard Disk

  • Offline Gmail Access: Users desire to store Gmail attachments so they can retrieve and work with them.
  • Gmail Emails Should Be Protected: Data loss due to unorganized threats/vulnerabilities is the cause to download Gmail emails.
  • Avoid Deleting Emails: It is possible to mistakenly delete emails from Gmail. Users wish to store emails from Gmail to prevent this.
  • Switching Away from Gmail: There are several reasons why users should back up Gmail email attachments if they intend to migrate their Gmail account data to another email client.
  • Because of Gmail’s features: Users feel annoyed owing to Gmail’s unstable functionality. The Gmail account becomes inaccessible.

Manual Methods to Download Gmail Emails to Hard Drive

Here we will show you 3 free methods, to download Gmail data into hard drive with attachments. But own manual methods have their limits, so please read all limitations first before starting the conversion.

Method 1: Download Gmail Data as Adobe PDF Format

  1. Go to your Gmail account to download Gmail emails to hard drive
  2. And open the email that you want to download
  3. Now from the menu button, choose “Print” from the list

    choose “Print” from the list to Download Gmail emails to hard drive

  4. Next, a pop will appear on the screen, now apply the settings according to your needs and click on the “Save” icon

    pop will appear on the screen

  5. And lastly, browse the saving location and save the location.

    browse the saving location to Download Gmail emails to hard drive

Now you will get the Gmail data on the selected location in pdf format. This manual method is reliable for certain data, also there are some limits, which you have to know.


  • Time taking and lengthy process.
  • Users can not download unlimited data.
  • You have to repeat the same procedure again and again for each mail.

Method 2: Download Gmail Data through Google Takeout

  1. Open a Gmail account on your device to download Gmail emails to hard drive
  2. Now press on the “Profile Icon” and choose the “Manage Your Google Account” option
  3. Next, select “Data & Privacy” from the side panel

    select “Data & Privacy”

  4. Next scroll down and select “Download your data

    select “Download your data” to Download Gmail emails to hard drive

  5. Now click on the “Deselect All” and scroll down

    click on the “Deselect All”

  6. Next check the “Mail” box (you can also check other boxes according to your needs)

    check “Mail” box

  7. Now press on the “Next Step” and then apply the frequency File type & Size options

    apply the frequency and File type & size options

  8. Lastly, press the “Create Export” button to download Gmail emails to hard drive.

    press on the “Create Export” to Download Gmail emails to hard drive


You will get the resulting files in MBOX format. So, there is must be installed MBOX format supported email client to open the download data.

Method 3: With Outlook to Download Gmail Data

  1. Open Outlook on your device to download Gmail emails to hard drive
  2. Press on the Settings Gear icon and choose “view all Outlook settings” from the list
  3. Now choose the “Gmail” >> “Sync Email” Option
  4. A pop-up will appear and enter the Type of Folder Name
  5. Now hit the “Connect your Google Account” option
  6. Next, create a new folder to download all Gmail emails and then “OK
  7. Select the Gmail account where you want to download data
  8. After that, enter the login details of your Gmail account to download Gmail emails to hard drive
  9. Lastly, if authentication is required, hit Allow and exit the Setting Windows.

Now you will get complete Gmail emails into Outlook side panel. Now you can easily export data from Outlook in pst format and save the file to hard drive.


  1. Outlook must be installed on your device.
  2. You will get back up as PST format, so there is always the risk of corruption in the PST file.
  3. Also, there is a risk of data loss.

As you can see manual methods are great for backup Gmail emails account to hard drive. But there are some limitations which all are mentioned above. If you don’t want to face these kinds of problems.

Then you should utilize a third-party tool like Bitresq, which can download complete data from Gmail to hard drive without any problem.