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How to Fix Google Takeout Not working (Downloading) Error?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Mar 18, 2023 • Backup • 5 Minutes Reading


Looking for the solution to fix Google Takeout not downloading issue, then here in this blog we are going to discuss some of the techniques to fix Google Takeout transfer not working error. So keep reading the blog.

Well, we all know that Google is one of the tech giants, and its services are one of the most used services around the globe. Gmail is one of its web-based email services is one the most used web-based emails service according to Statista report it is the second most popular email client with 36.5 percent of the market share.

Now, it is that popular, then most of the users want a backup of the data so that they can access their data during any data loss situation. Now, to resolve the backup problem Google comes with a Google Takeout option.

Basically, it is a free service that is provided by Google Data Liberation Front. And it is used for achieving the Google services data such as Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, etc. But there are some users facing a problem during the download of Google data. According to they are getting Google Takeout Not Downloading issue.

Let have to look at the user query to understand the whole situation.

The mentioned query is posted by the user on and this is not the only query. In fact, there are many users who reported this issue on various forums.


Now, the question that how one can resolve Google Takeout Transfer Not Working error to archive the data from Google. So if you are one of them who have the same question, then keep reading the blog because in the upcoming section we are going to discuss some of the techniques to fix the same.

Solution to Open Google Takeout Files on Android

Reason for Google Takeout Not Working Issue

There are main 2 reasons behind the error message:

Internet Connectivity- This error occurs when the web network is lost or interrupted.

Size Limitation- When the record size is exceeded, users make mistakes. As a result, the element, for the most part, bombs out for higher capacity data.

How to Fix Google Takeout Not Downloading?

Here in this section, we are going to discuss some of the best troubleshooting techniques to fix the error. So keep reading the blog and fix the issue.

Method 1: Follow the File Size Limit

To ensure a seamless download, Google limits file sizes to 2GB or 500 files in a single folder. Now, if you surpass the limit of Google Drive’s zip failed error, you will receive an error message. When as a file format, data files greater than 2 GB are often separated into numerous files of 2 GB each during the archiving process. However, if you choose the.tgz file type, the archive size will be extended to 50 GB and you will not have to worry about receiving your data files in numerous 2 GB files.

Method 2: Put All Data in One Folder

Another method is to place all of the files you wish to download into a folder and then download that folder. The folder and its contents will be contained in the zip file. Except for Windows Vista, this approach works flawlessly with Windows 10 and earlier versions.

Well, you can try the above solution to fix the Google Takeout not downloading. But after fixing the issue Google Takeout still has some disadvantages and in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss some of them.

Limitation of Google Takeout

There are multiple limitations with Google Takeout service, some of listed here:

Downloading issue – There are many users who face downloading issues when they lost their internet connectivity.

No Resume Option – One of the biggest disadvantages of Google Takeout is there is no resume option. So if you download stop for any reason, then you can not resume your downloading process.

Download Limit – There is a download limit in Google Takeout. It means one can try to download the data only limited times.

Incomplete Archive – Sometimes Google Takeout is unable to create an archive of your data. And this happens due to the size of the data.

Steps to Import Google Takeout to New Account

Best Alternative of Google Takeout

Well as we see there are many limitations and hurdles you have to face using Google Takeout. So, if you are seeking an alternative to Google Takeout, then here in this section we are going to discuss one of the best tools.

BitResQ Software is the tool that gives you an option to save all the Google data without losing integrity. In fact, the tool has a simple and easy-to-use user interface so that anyone can easily use this tool with the help of any assistance. So, if you are facing any issue with Google Takeout or Google Takeout not downloading your data, then you can try this tool.


Now, it a time to wrap up the thing now, here in this blog we have discussed the two best approaches to fix Google Takeout not downloading issue. Along with that, we have also discussed the alternative way to download Google data. Now it is your call to choose the right method as per your requirement to solve the Google Takeout transfer not working error.