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How to Backup Gmail Emails Locally?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 14, 2023 • Backup • 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article talks about different ways to backup Gmail emails for both technical and non-technical users. For situations like low storage issues in a mailbox or to safeguard our crucial information, it is necessary to create regular backup of Gmail emails regularly. To do this, we can either use a manual approach or an automated solution.

To manually download Gmail emails, we can use Google Takeout. However, it seems easy for technical and a lot of our time. Therefore, we suggest using a trustworthy professional tool to backup Gmail emails to computer. Moreover, it will make this tedious task easy and quick along with accurate results.

Factors Consideration to Backup Gmail Emails

There might be many other reasons for a user to create backup of their old Gmail emails Below we mentioned a few common ones.

  • When a user decides to discontinue using a specific Gmail account.
  • Or perhaps a user is switching jobs and wants to backup Gmail emails of an old account.
  • To access emails even when Gmail is down.
  • To prevent data from getting lost due to any error or cyberattack.

Method 1. Backup Emails Using Google Takeout On Your PC

Google Takeout is a utility developed by Google that enables its user to backup Gmail emails locally on their computer. Users can download multiple emails in an MBOX file. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Sign in to Gmail account by filling necessary details.

Step 2. Now, go to Manage Your Account. Then select the Data and Privacy option.

Step 3. Then scroll down a little bit and click on Download Your Data.


Step 4. Deselect all Gmail apps by hitting Deselect All button.

Deselect all Google apps

Step 5. Again scroll down the page and click on Mail to select it along with the All Mail Data Included icon.

Scroll down and select Mail option

Step 6. After that, click on Next Step.

Click on Next to proceed further.

Step 7. In the Delivery method, select Send Download Link Via Email option.

Select send download link via email.

Step 8. Then choose File Type and Size to backup Gmail emails.

Select file type and size to backup Gmail emails

Step 9. Finally, hit the Create Export button and wait until the process is finished. 

Finally click on Create Export Button

Method 2. Professional Way to Backup Gmail Emails to Computer

There are many automated tools available in the market. With the primary goal of making it as easy as possible for users to save their Gmail data locally. For example, BitResq Gmail Backup Tool is one of the best tools for creating a backup of Gmail messages.

Perform the following steps to backup Gmail emails locally:

Step 1. Launch the tool mentioned above on the computer.

Step 2. Now, fill in the required credentials to Login into Gmail account.

Fill the required Gmail credentials.

Step 3. Then select all the desired email folders for backup along with a file format from Saving Option.

Select desired folders to backup Gmail emails.

Step 4. In the next step, choose File Naming Option. Also, there is an option to Apply Filters if needed.

Choose File Naming Convention to backup Gmail emails to computer

Step 5. After that, choose a Location on the system where the resultant file gets saved.

Select a destination path to backup Gmail emails locally.

Step 6. Finally, hit Export.

Advantages of Using a Professional Solution

Here are some practical advantages of using the tool we mentioned above.

  • It can backup Gmail emails instantly and accurately.
  • There is no risk of loss of data. Plus, its user-friendly interface is so simple that anyone can use it.
  • A user can download Gmail data into multiple multiple file formats.
  • They can backup specific emails while maintaining the folder hierarchy.
  • There is an option to migrate emails to other applications.
  • Along with emails users can download attachments from Gmail with it.

This tool comes in two versions. The free demo version allows users to backup upto 25 emails from every folder. To provide an experience of the powerful functioning of this tool. However, to continue backup Gmail emails they can purchase the licensed version of the Gmail backup tool.

Method 3. Individually Backup Gmail Emails

There is another way to download Gmail email. Though this method is only for when there are very few emails for backup.

Step 1. Sign in to Gmail by providing the necessary details.

Step 2. Now open the email that needs to be downloaded.

Step 3. Click on the three dots on the right of the reply icon.

Step 4. Select Download Message from the drop-down menu.

Download Gmail Message

Step 5. The email message will get downloaded into an EML File format.

Gmail message gets downloaded in EML file format


Challenges When Using Manual Methods

  • It will become time-consuming if there is a large number of emails.
  • There is always a risk of data loss or a chance of important information getting skipped in the process.
  • There must be a stable internet connection to backup Gmail emails otherwise we have to initialise the process again.
  • To access the MBOX file content, we require an MBOX file viewer.


In this article, we learned how to backup Gmail emails locally. Creating a backup of important data will never be a bad idea, especially in this digital era. Therefore, we discussed two methods in the above sections.

The manual method includes using Google Takeout for email data backup. However, there are many limitations to this approach. Another method includes using an automated solution to save time and energy. 

Users with technical proficiency can operate manual methods easily. However, if you have no technical expertise then we suggest using a tool like above mentioned one. 

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