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How to Batch Convert EML File to PDF for Free Manually?

Batch Convert EML to PDF Free
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 11, 2022 • Convert • 5 Minutes Reading

Note: Learn how to batch convert EML to PDF free in this post! The answers we are going to provide are completely risk-free and completely free of charge.

Variety of email clients, including Thunderbird, Mozilla, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail, use the EML file format to save a single email message at a time. Each email message is a distinct file.

On the other hand, PDF is a type of file that may include an unlimited number of fonts and pictures of any length. Adobe invented this format, which is mostly used to make e-books and other digital publications. PDF files are frequently used to exhibit and exchange documents. Moreover, these are completely independent of hardware, software, and operating systems.

Users may have to batch EML to PDF file conversion for a variety of personal and corporate purposes. Therefore, before we move on to the solutions, let us consider some reasons for the same.

Reasons to Batch Convert EML to PDF Free

A variety of factors may contribute to the decision to switch emails from EML file to PDF. It includes –

  • Job replacement document
  • Governmental document presentation demands
  • Business dealing demands for future references
  • Needs in Presentation
  • Editing and modifying restrictions features
  • Full safety of existing document
  • Universal file format among others.

Manual Procedure to Convert EML to Adobe PDF 

MS Outlook has a built-in utility tool that allows users to convert EML files to PDF format with ease. You must have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer in order to do this. To convert EML to PDF, just follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program and then choose any random EML file that you wish to convert to PDF
  • In this case, go to the File menu option and pick Save As tag from the list
  • Then, select HTML as the file format and store the file on your computer
  • By clicking on the Office button, you may choose “Save As
  • Finally, choose PDF as the format in which to store the EML file.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

While the above-mentioned strategy is simple to do in order to convert EML to PDF. Various complications may develop throughout the EML to PDF conversion process. Therefore, consider some of the issues associated with the manual technique.

  • If you wish to transmit more attachments, this manual technique will not convert EML emails to PDF. This means that you cannot use this method to convert all EML files to PDF, including attachments.
  • Moreover, if you want to convert batch EML to PDF free while using this procedure. Then, you must repeat the entire method, which is far too time consuming.
  • The data loss issue may also arise when utilizing this manual approach. As well as the possibility of certain formatting modifications to the EML emails are.
  • Likewise, this is an extremely time-consuming technique while converting large number of EML files.

Another Method By Using the Online Software

On the internet, you may find a plethora of free online options for converting EML to PDF. However, because they are online and free, they come with a number of constraints, including the following:

  • Batch Conversion not possible: The online solutions doesn’t support to batch convert EML to PDF free.
  • Privacy Issues: When you upload EML files online, your data is stored on their system. So, there will be no privacy of your data.
  • No guarantee: Online solutions cannot guarantee an accurate and secure conversion.

Batch Convert EML to PDF Free Professionally

The simplest approach to convert EML to PDF is BitResQ EML File Converter Software for Windows & Mac. If you lack the time to manually convert several EML files, this is a reliable solution. Moreover, you do not need to add EML files one by one.

Likewise, you can easily convert multiple EML files to PDF at the same time. Also, no technical knowledge is required to perform the conversion. This program can easily resolve all the limitations of manual and online processes. Also, it will help you to import EML File to Office 365 account easily.

Not just this, but you can even operate this tool on both Windows and Mac operating system. So, all the latest and earlier versions are compatible with this application. Hence, it is quite beneficial by choosing this solution and perform the EML to PDF conversion.

Let’s Conclude the Post

The preceding article is for you all who wants to batch convert EML to PDF free. Here, we’ve outlined the most effective methods for doing this conversion. Therefore, choose the strategy that is most appropriate for your circumstances.