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How to Examine EML Message with an EML Header Analyzer?

eml header analyzer
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 7, 2022 • Tips • 5 Minutes Reading

Emails have become very crucial over time, so, now, there will be hardly a person who doesn’t use an email. But in modern times, everything can be attacked to gather your sensitive information. The same happens to emails. But wouldn’t be great if you will have something that can analyze your emails in a well manner. So, for the same, we have come up with this article to introduce the best EML header analyzer to prevent any attacks or threats.

Whenever we get an email, first we just consider it on its header. As we all like to look at the sender’s name, email, and subject. But, due to vast technologies and hackers, it is completely easy to spoof all these in your email. So, by doing this, you can be fooled in just a matter of time.

Email headers hold a lot of important information, and these can be easily forged by outsiders. In this way, it is quite easy to enter and take out the required data. So, for this, it is essential to find out where an email is coming from.
For your betterment, we will share with you the best EML file header viewer that you can use to access your EML files.

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View Email Header with Popular Email Clients

If you ever get an Email you can view the normal header in an email like others. With this header part, you all might be familiar, but there is more to this header. So, to get the entire header information many users like to prefer to analyze them with different email applications. Such as, you can analyze it with Apple Mail through the Raw Source option. In MS Outlook on the desktop, you can get information through the View Source option. Moreover, on you can know about it through the view message details option by clicking on the email, and more.

However, in these email clients, it will be hard for you to find out a proper email header if you’re not aware of where you need to look. When you find it, you will see an actual header of a particular email. Where all the information of an email is stored.

Best Automated and Free EML Header Analyzer

The above-mentioned applications might not show the entire header, and you will not be able to analyze the entire email header. Therefore, we have a professionally tested application that you can use to analyze the EML header. This EML message header analyzer is absolutely free, which means you need to spend even a penny.

This is the BitResQ Viewer Tool for EML files to help you to analyze the entire Email and its header information. As it provides proven features that are capable to show header information without misleading your data.

For Windows

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The best thing about this free software is it can work on both Windows and Mac operating machines. So, whatever version of OS you’re using it will work smoothly on all of them.

But, in case, you just want to convert the EML file into some other file format then you can go for the BitResQ EML file converter application.

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Now, let’s understand this free EML message header analyzer working in the next section in detail.

Simple Guide to Examine Batch EML Files

First of all, just download the mentioned EML header analyzer and then follow the steps –

  • Tap on the Open button to upload the required EML files of any email client

eml header analyzer

  • Then, select any folder to analyze EML files carefully

examine multiple eml files

  • Additionally, if you need to check out the attachments of an individual EML file, check it out

examine attachments

  • Or, just tap on the Search option to find which EML file you want to examine, accordingly check or uncheck boxes.

eml header analyzer

Features of the Best EML Header Analyzer Freeware

There are multiple features or benefits you get with this software to the analyzer to examine bulk EML files, such as –

  • Using this software, you can easily analyze the EML files of any email client without any hassle.
  • Moreover, it allows you to examine multiple EML files at one go, so it is quite easy to analyze multiple email headers.
  • Likewise, this is a standalone freeware which means it does not require any email client application installation. So, without any email client, you can operate it on your computer.
  • Additionally, this EML message header analyzer supports both Mac and Windows operating machines, including the latest and earliest versions.
  • In case, if you want to analyze the attachments of EML files separately then there is an option to do so as well.


To prevent any uncertainties, it is better to examine the EML files regularly. So that, whenever you receive an email you will get to know what’s wrong with that and what’s not. Therefore, in this article, we have shared the best EML header analyzer. Using this you will be able to examine bulk EML files in one go. So, use it and make the best out of it for the examination of the .eml files.