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How to Save all Attachments from Gmail Account? Top 2 Ways

save all attachments from Gmail

February 11th, 2022 ~ Save ~ 4 Minutes Reading

There are times when huge email conversation threads lead to a number of attachments. If you are looking for a solution to save all attachments from Gmail account, then you have certainly reached the right place. Here, we will elucidate the methods to save attachments from multiple emails Gmail accounts in a hassle-free manner.

Please help me as I have to download Gmail attachments in bulk mode. But, it is getting really cumbersome for me to download attachments from multiple emails Gmail account. Is there any efficient solution for the same?

The query mentioned discussed above depicts a real-time user problem that wants to save Gmail attachments at once. So, after extensive research, we are mentioning two of the best methods for the same.

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Methods to Save all Attachments from Gmail Account

As we are well aware, of the fact that we can send all types of attachments and one wants to have a hold onto it. The below section of the blog comprises such solutions to easily save attachments from multiple emails Gmail.

Technique 1: Save Gmail Emails Attachment

The default density of your Gmail inbox allows you to see the attachments with the emails associated with it.

  • The subject with the filename of the attachment will open with the emails.

open emails

  • Here, you will be provided with two options, either go for Add to My Drive or hit the Download button as per your requirement.
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Save Gmail Attachments to Drive

  • If you have clicked and chosen the Drive option, then, hit on the icon to manage the storage space on your Drive.
  • From here, select the folder to save your desired file and click on the Done button at last.

save gmail attachment

Keep in mind: One can also save attachments from multiple emails Gmail just by clicking on the Drive icon of the attachment section of the Gmail emails. Also, one has to repeat the steps provided above, each and every time to achieve the desired results. Also, it is feasible for the users who are having fewer number of attachments.

Save Attachments from Gmail to Local PC

  • On the other hand, if the Download option has opted then, one can easily save it from the download folders effortlessly.
  • Afterward, click on the icon and save the desired attachment at the place of your choice.

download all attachments

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Shortcomings to Download Gmail Attachments Manually

There are numerous limitations associated with the manual method.

  1. Users won’t be able to save the attachments in bulk mode.
  2. One has to save the files one by one thus, making it time-consuming.
  3. The user has to be technically rich to save the attachments from the Gmail account.

Technique 2: Save Attachments from Gmail – All at Once!

BitResQ is a one-stop solution for all your problems associated with saving Gmail attachments. It is an error-free, robust, and handy utility designed with numerous advanced algorithms. The solution has an easy and interactive graphical user interface. Not only this, it allows you to save the attachments in bulk mode. This makes the process faster as there will be no repetition of steps. Also, a free demo version of the utility is offered to get a better understanding.

The Final Verdict

This write-up presents multiple methods to save all attachments from Gmail account in a hassle-free manner. Here, we have mentioned both native and automated approaches. So, users can opt for the solutions which fulfill their requirements. But, we advise you to use the expert solution to effectively save attachments from multiple emails Gmail accounts.