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How to Repair Outlook PST File on Windows? 2 Tested Ways

How to Repair Outlook PST File
Shubham Dixit   
Published: May 11, 2022 • How to • 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This BitResQ Software guide is helpful for users who needs to resolve “How to Repair Outlook PST File”. Therefore, if you are one of them who is experiencing such difficulties, kindly continue reading the blog. As it will help you to fix corrupted Outlook PST file in effortless manner.

The PST file format is used to refer to the Personal Storage Table and is stored on the client’s hard drive. PST files provide a backup of all your Outlook objects, including emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, and more. The finest feature of a PST file is that it can be worked on without an internet connection. And as soon as the internet connection is restored, sync the modifications with the Mail Exchange Server.

Most Typical Reasons of PST File Corruption

  • Due to Failure of a Data Storage Device: If your system’s hard drive has certain faulty sectors and the PST file is placed in one of these sectors, you will most likely be unable to access and view your PST files with Outlook.
  • Unreliable Networking Equipment: As you are probably aware, a PST is stored on the network server and is accessed via a client computer or network links. Thus, if any of the networking devices is not functioning correctly or is having troubles, remote access to the PST file might damage it.
  • Virus or Malware Issues: Our system is always vulnerable to virus and malware assaults, which can impair the performance of Outlook PST files and render them inaccessible. As a result, it is suggested that you install a reputable anti-virus application on your machine.
  • Shutting Down Outlook Suddenly: When we are pressed for time, we often shut off Outlook abnormally. However, we tend to ignore the fact that doing so makes the PST file prone to corruption problems. Therefore, you should always close Outlook normally.

These are some of the reasons why a PST file may get corrupted. However, sometimes, there are issues with the Outlook software as well. For example, if the size of the PST file is too large, MS Outlook becomes unstable and corrupts the file. So, the question arises that what can be done to fix corrupted Outlook PST file? Hence, just read the next section to know the answer.

Method 1: How to Repair Outlook PST File Manually?

For years, problems with Microsoft Outlook’s Personal Folders file format—commonly abbreviated as PST—have been a major cause of conflict. Microsoft knows about it, which is why Outlook includes an in-built utility called Inbox Repair Tool that helps you fix corrupted Outlook PST files.

Generally, running a corrupted PST file through Inbox Repair Tool should be enough to repair it. However, there are situations when further action is required to fix the misplaced things. For that, you can use this tool by following the given steps:

  • Locate and execute the SCANPST.EXE application.
  • Select the PST file by clicking ‘Browse’.
  • To begin, click ‘Start’. This will do a scan of the PST file for problems.
  • If the tool detects faults, it will display the ‘Repair’ button; select it and wait for the repair to complete.
  • You may notice that the Inbox Repair Tool is ‘not responding’ throughout the repair process. Do not, however, close it, as this is how the utility operates.
  • If the tool does not escape the ‘Not responding’ state or crashes and stops operating during the PST file repair process, you can use the more powerful PST repair software outlined in the following procedure.

There might be several causes for the Inbox Repair Tool failure since the software does not support encrypted or PST files greater than 2 GB.

What Should do if ScanPST Utility Does Not Work Properly?

ScanPST.exe utility has a tough time repairing inaccessible PST files. Additionally, there are situations when you require a way to fix corrupted Outlook PST file without using ScanPST. If you’ve done any research on the ScanPST.exe utility, you’ll understand what I’m saying. This free tool is limited to resolving difficulties with the header part of a Microsoft Outlook PST file. Numerous drawbacks make it inconvenient to use.

Method 2: Fix Corrupted Outlook PST File with Expert Solution

You can take the help of BitResQ Outlook PST Recovery Software. It is the most trustworthy and safest application for repairing PST files available today. With the help of this application, you can quickly and simply settle the question of how to repair PST files without encountering any difficulties. Damaged PST files, as well as those that are severely corrupted, can be repaired with this application. Furthermore, this tool does not need the installation of Outlook in order to do the work. It can easily recover data items from Outlook in easy steps.


In this article, we have described the most effective approaches for resolving the problem of how to repair Outlook PST files. We’ve outlined the built-in and professional methods for doing this work right here for you. Also, we’ve included instructions on what to do if the built-in ScanPST software fails to fix corrupted Outlook PST file. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for reading the guide.