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How to Save Office 365 Emails Locally with Efficient Methods?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Mar 25, 2022 • How to • 5 Minutes Reading

A question that has been raised by a large number of Office 365 subscribers is How to save Office 365 emails locally? Increasing cybercrime activity in the modern-day may make it more difficult for customers to access Office 365 in a modern setting. As a result, people desire to store emails on their local desktops in order to avoid the possibility of data loss.

Are you one of those people who needs to backup Office 365 emails locally? If you answered yes, you don’t need to be concerned. Using the procedures described in this article, you will be able to store emails from your Office 365 account. First, let’s take a look at the overall circumstance that leads to consumers needing to store Office 365 emails.

Reasons to Save Office 365 Emails Locally

There are a variety of reasons why a user would save Office 365 emails. Several fundamental causes are given below:

  • Office 365 offers subscription-based storage options. If the storage capacity is exceeded, either the cloud subscription must be increased or the mailbox data must be deleted to make space.
  • While Office 365 is a dependable cloud service provider, there are a few limits that might result in data loss. Data loss as a result of account spying, hacking, and network packet analysis, among other methods.

User Query

After this month, my Office 365 membership plan will be discontinued. Because of a financial constraint, I am unable to continue using Office 365. As a result, I’d want to create a backup of my whole Office 365 inbox. Please advise on how I may save emails from my Office 365 inbox on my computer’s desktop.


The reasons listed above are the most often encountered situations in which a user needs to save Office 365 emails locally. There might be a lot of other things at play as well.  Consequently, we will give our consumers with a variety of options that will satisfy their needs and expectations in a straightforward manner.

How to Save Office 365 Emails Locally? Manual Method

Manual approach requires that your computer has the Microsoft Outlook desktop application installed in order to save Office 365 emails in PST file format. The manual procedures are divided into the following two stages: –

Phase 1: Connect MS Office 365 Account with Outlook

  • First and foremost, you must configure the O365 account in the Outlook application itself. Follow the procedures outlined below to do this.
  • Open Outlook and select File >> Add Account from the menu bar.
  • The following window is dependent on the version of Outlook that you are using. If you are using Outlook 2016 or a later version, the following window will appear.

For MS Outlook 2016 Edition:

  • In this section, you must input your Office 365 email address and click Connect. Enter the password when asked.

For Outlook 2013 and other older editions:

  • Choose the E-mail Account option from the following page and input your Office 365 credentials in the box provided.

Phase 2: Save Emails from Office 365 Account

  • After you have completed the configuration operation, you should export your emails from your O365 account and store them in the PST file format.
  • Select the File, Open & Export and then Import/Export from the menu bar.
  • Select “export to a file” from the import/export wizard.
  • Click Export to a File >> Outlook data file in the succeeding window (.pst).
  • Choose the mailbox to save from the specified Office 365 account >> Next.
  • Following that, pick a destination place on the desktop for the exported .pst file.
  • Finally, click on the Finish button.

Check Out Restrictions of Manual Method

  • Lengthy and Tedious Method: Activities such as setting an account, exporting from the application, and so forth result in a lengthy and protracted procedure for users. They consider this to be a long workaround.
  • Require Outlook Expertise: This workaround must be carried out with focus, since if any complications arise, normal users will be unable to handle them and will require the assistance of Outlook professionals.

Method 2: Go with Quick and Trustworthy Software

The manual technique can be used first in order to save Office 365 emails before using the automated method. Despite the fact that it is a cost-free method, it is not very trustworthy because it might result in data loss as well as the other problems stated above.

As a result, it is recommended that you use a reputable software such as BitResQ Software. With this incredible software, you can quickly settle the question of how to preserve Office 365 emails locally. This software allows you to store all Office 365 emails, including any attachments. Additionally, once you begin saving Office 365 emails, this app preserves all of their attributes. Also, this software will help you to archive emails in Office 365 account safely.


Here, we have mentioned both manual and professional solution to save Office 365 emails locally. As manual method is a cost-free option, you can use it first. If it fails as a result of the flaws outlined in this blog. Then, switch to a professional backup solution that comes highly recommended by industry professionals.