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Instant Ways to Fix/Resolve PST Cannot be Found Issue

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Apr 12, 2023 • Repair • 5 Minutes Reading

User Query: I’m using the latest Outlook version on Windows 10. Right now, I’m in a situation where I am unable to locate my PST files. On launching the Outlook application I receive the error message saying “Outlook PST cannot be found”. So, I would be grateful if someone could provide me with some additional ideas on how to find it.

PST cannot be found

Receiving such an issue when running the Microsoft Outlook application is definitely not good news for users who are in a hurry.

We have observed that some customers have trouble finding the Outlook PST file on their local computers while using the Microsoft Outlook email client. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to locate the PST file at this point.

Hence, in order to assist people in finding Outlook data files, we will describe the ideal operating procedure. Continue reading this article to discover an effective answer for the error message “PST cannot be found in Outlook”.

Table of Content

  1. Reasons behind the error Occurred.
  2. Manual Ways to Resolve or Avoid this errors
  3. Professional Solution to Fix the Issue.

Reasons Why PST File Does Not Exist Error is Shown?

Here are some factors due to which the users are unable to find PST file in Outlook application.

  • The storage limit of the mailbox in exceeding 2hich creates issues with the Office program.
  • The PST file is not accessible because it is temporarily stored on a network server.
  • The PST file is temporarily on a network server and cannot be used.

Some common causes of PST file corruption include the presence of viruses and harmful software on the computer, unexpected Outlook or inappropriate PC shutdowns.

Moreover, the corrupted and consequently missing PST file in Outlook might be caused by faulty sectors on the C drive or a huge Outlook data file.

Manual Ways to Solve the Issue Outlook PST Cannot be Found

Before performing any of the methods pointed out below, it is suggested to take the backup of the PST files to avoid the data loss issue and prevent yourself from that.

1. Perform Microsoft Office Program Repair
Users can attempt a repair on the programme to get rid of the corrupted Office programme cause of the “PST file does not exist”problem as the Microsoft Outlook application is derived from the Microsoft Office programme.

  1. Open Control Panel on the machine.
  2. In Control Panel select the Programs and Features option.
  3. Now in the Uninstall or Change a program, search for Microsoft Office program, right-click on it and select the Change option and press Yes on the prompt to move to the next step.
  4. Next, select Quick Repair as the option and click on the Repair option.
  5. The Microsoft Office program will start getting repaired. Once it finishes, then open your Outlook Application to open the PST files.

2. Creating Another Outlook PST New File

Users are encouraged to manually back up the PST file to a different location as an alternate option. Then, they should build a new Outlook profile for the new PST file and set it as the default under the Data Files category.
Go through the Guided process to solve the issue “PST cannot be found”:

    1. Firstly, Close the Microsoft Outlook application.
    2. Use the Control Panel and select the Mail option.
    3. The Mail-Setup dialogue box for Outlook will get Here, press the Show Profiles tab.
    4. Next, use the Add option to insert a new Outlook profile. Enter a new name to the profile & press OK.
    5. Next, in the Control Panel, select the Data Files option available in the Mail-Setup dialogue box.
    6. Select the new Outlook profile & select the Set as Default option and hit the Close button to exit.

Now, open the Microsoft Outlook application using this new profile. this way one can resolve the issue of the PST file does not exist.

Unable to Find PST File in Outlook? Use the Professional Technique

If the user is unable to resolve the “Outlook data file cannot be located” error using the two approaches that have been given above. Then the user might have to think about employing Trusted software to repair Outlook PST files and cure this issue.

While there are numerous other repair programmes that can be found online that make this claim, the majority of them utterly fall short. Hence, using Outlook File Recovery Tool is the ideal solution available for both Mac and Windows users to recover Outlook PST files in a secure manner. As it can easily insert multiple PST files and recover/repair Outlook PST files without losing any data present.

Guided Solution to Resolve the Issue Outlook PST Cannot be Found

  • Initially, download the utility and select the Add Files option for loading the PST files and fix the issue of PST file does not exist. pst file cannot be opened in outlook 2016
  • Now, search & select the PST files to insert, and use Advanced Scanning Mode.

  • Recovered PST file data will be visible with Red Text. Now Preview all the mailbox data and Press Export Button.

pst file cannot be opened in outlook 2010

  • Finally, use the Export button to select the export type and hit the PST file does not exist in Outlook.

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It might be very upsetting for a user to see the “Outlook PST cannot be found” warning on his computer. This error message is typically brought on by a faulty PST file. Hence, through this article, we have explained some reasons and based on that we have discussed some methods that can be used when users are unable to find PST file in Outlook.