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Outlook Profile Not Opening? – Instant Ways to Resolve This

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Apr 13, 2023 • Repair • 5 Minutes Reading

If you find yourself in a position where your Outlook profile not opening, you might be troubled by the issue. Being unable to send or receive emails is unacceptable as email is one of the quickest and easiest ways to contact anyone, anything, or any enterprise. Hence, with the help of this post, we will explain to you the reasons and solutions to fix this issue and access your Outlook files.

Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile  – Reasons

  • Defects in Outlook add-ins.
  • Launched Outlook application in compatibility mode.
  • Outlook Data File Corruption.
  • Outlook applications might not be compatible with the present Windows OS.
  • Outlook.exe and other similar processes are still running in the background.

These are some of the major issues behind Outlook Profile Not Opening. Due to small issues sometimes, Outlook take time to open the account. So, let’s see some of the small things that a user can do to avoid the issue Outlook account not opening.

Some Instant Fixes to Solve the Issue Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile

This error can occur if the user’s Outlook .ost or .pst data files have been corrupted. In this case, Outlook doesn’t get open. Here are some of the things that a user can try to resolve:

  1. Rebooting your PC and Outlook application.
  2. Launching application in the Safe Mode.
  3. Re-establish the connection with the Outlook client.
  4. Delete Outlook profile folders.
  5. Reset the Outlook navigation pane.

Methods to Resolve Outlook Profile Not Opening Issue

When Outlook stops working or doesn’t open the Profile. It becomes a tense situation for users. Hence, using these solutions will help to fix the issue.

Solution 1: End Task Manager Processes

Microsoft always suggests users to end or terminate the background processes which is running. This task can be done using the Task Manager.

  • Use the Search bar and search Task Manager or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard.
  • Then find all the Office processes in the Processes tab.
  • Then, select one Office process & press End Task. Do this for every Office process listed.

Note – For the very small type of bugs, this method works, it is like restarting the application. If this doesn’t work, then try the other methods explained below.

Solution 2: Open Outlook As an Administrator

Find your Outlook application and right-click on the icon and choose the “Run as administrator” option.

Solution 3: Disable Outlook Add-ins

Still Outlook Profile Not Opening after launching it as Administrator. Let’s try to resolve this using by removing or disabling Outlook add-ins. Sometimes, removing these Add-ins works.

  1. First, go to the Run command and enter “Outlook.exe /safe” and press “OK.”
  2. Then select your account & hit “OK”.
  3. Now, go to the “File” menu & choose “Options.”
  4. Then, press the “Add-ins” tab & hit on “Go”.
  5. Deselect and remove the added Add-ins then press “OK.
  6. Now restart your Outlook account.

Solution 3: Fixing Damaged/Corrupted Outlook Files

Outlook stuck on loading profile or somehow won’t work correctly if its files are damaged. However, an in-built program in the Outlook installation directory can easily and quickly repair these files. Let’s do it:

Outlook files having damaged files can also be the reason why the user is unable to open his profile in Outlook. Let’s see how this can be fixed:

  1. Go to “Properties” by right-clicking on the Outlook application & select properties.
  2. Now press the “Open File Location” Available under the Short Cut bar menu.
  3. The Outlook Installation directory will appear on display. Search and open the “SCANPST.EXE”.
  4. Outlook Inbox Repair Tool will open. Now, choose the damaged files to repair them. Once the files are selected press the “Start” button.
  5. Selected files will be scanned to find the errors.
  6. Finally, after the file’s scanning and repairing are done press Ok.

These are some methods that a user can manually perform to resolve the issue of an Outlook account not opening.

A Smarter Way to Fix the Issue Outlook Profile Not Opening

In this type of situation a user, sometimes the manual methods fail to fix the problem occurring. hence using an automated method could be the ideal solution. Because at times, some corruption issues restrict the Outlook profile or account to open. So, the Outlook Recovery Software helps to recover multiple PST files. As the user just needs to download the tool and select the PST file and it repairs the PST file without losing or changing any data. The utility is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

Follow the Guided steps to fix the Issue Outlook account not opening.

  • Initially install the utility and use Add Files to insert the PST files and fix the issue of Outlook Profile Not Opening.Outlook Profile Not Opening
  • Now, select the files and also use Advanced Scanning Mode.

scanning the PST files

  • After scanning all recovered data will be displayed. Now hit the Export Button.

list of PST files recovered

  • Select the export type as PST, use the Advanced Settings, Browse the location to save the PST file and press the Export Button.

Outlook Profile Not Opening

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Situations like “Outlook Profile Not Opening” can’t be disregarded and need to be dealt with seriously. There are some methods mentioned above to fix it. We have explained some manual solutions to resolve the issue. Apart from that, users can use the most dependable tool to resolve the problem of Outlook account not opening. Large PST files can also be recovered, along with deleted emails and attachments.