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Techniques to Convert OLM to CSV Format Manually & Professionally

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 28, 2023 • Convert • 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article will demonstrate how to convert OLM to CSV format. We will discuss the best methods to do this job in this post.

Now we are all aware that contacts are critical in our daily lives as they store information about people so that we can connect with them carefully. Keeping frequent backups of all contacts alleviates a number of concerns, including data leaks and many more.

Thousands of people have asked how to convert OLM to CSV format. Are you one of them too? Have you discovered the solution or are you still looking? If you are still looking for ways, continue reading this article to the conclusion. You will find out the most fantastic and reliable ways to convert MSG to CSV format right here.

What are the Advantages to Convert OLM to CSV Format?

  • OLM files have a fixed storage capacity, but CSV files have no such restriction.
  • CSV files are familiar with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, allowing users to organize their data in a tabular style.
  • While OLM files may be used exclusively in Mac Outlook, CSV files can be shared and read from a variety of email providers and clients.
  • Users can simply update data saved in a CSV file rather than an OLM file.
  • The below are a few of the most prevalent reasons why consumers require this sort of conversion.

Now, without further ado, let us get to the solution to this problem.

Different Methods to Convert OLM into CSV File Format

The manual approach to converting OLM to CSV format is discussed in detail below, along with the steps to perform the conversion. You can follow the instructions and complete the conversion process for free.

  • Navigate to the Import/Export menu in your Outlook account
  • After successfully importing your OLM data into Outlook, return to the Import/Export menu
  • From the wizard section, pick the Export to a file option
  • Now, pick CSV as the file format in which to save your file
  • Additionally, you may choose certain items from your email that you wish to convert to CSV files and then click Next
  • Now, specify the directory and file name for your CSV file
  • Finally, click the Finish button to complete the transfer procedure.

The manual procedure to convert OLM files to CSV format is now complete. However, users can choose to investigate alternative ways to transfer data without difficulty.

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What are the Drawbacks of a Manual Process?

  • Process that consumes a great deal of time
  • Manually saving the files requires technical expertise.
  • There is no data security; there is a considerable chance of data loss.
  • It requires installation of supportive application.

To address these limitations, we have devised a specialized approach that ensures the conversion process is safe and effective.

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Expert Solution to Convert OLM to CSV Format

The professional procedure is to convert the Mac OLM file to CSV using an automated tool. BitResQ OLM File Conversion Software is an outstanding and efficient solution to convert OLM to CSV file format in this regard. When converting OLM files to CSV format, this app preserves all properties. It features an amazing user-friendly interactive interface that allows even the most inexperienced user to get the job done right.

Also, this OLM to CSV converter allows bulk file conversion. It facilitates the complete conversion of OLM files, including all associated data. The technology effectively circumvents the limitations of manual technique.

Several of Primary Aspects of this Remarkable Software

  • It converts both single and multiple OLM files, saving you time and effort.
  • Along with the structure, it maintains a high level of data integrity.
  • Additionally, this app assists in the conversion and migration of OLM files to and from other file formats and email clients.
  • It has some incredible intelligent capabilities such as date range selection, and mail filtering, among others.
  • Displays the conversion status of an OLM file to a CSV file in real time, along with numerical counts.
  • The OLM to CSV converter enables you to convert Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, and more.
  • It converts every data included in the OLM file, including contacts, emails, calendars, and events.
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Which Solution Should You Choose?

Both approaches are effective, depending on the conversion requirements of the users. If you just have some OLM files to convert to CSV, you can easily use the manual technique. It will be free. Only a few steps are required to complete this task. Otherwise, if you have a large number of OLM files, the manual technique will not work. It is recommended that you use any professional application for this. Furthermore, an experienced solution ensures that the conversion is complete, safe, and correct. You can select the technique that best suits your needs.

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The Final Words

We have collected the query on how to convert OLM to CSV format in today’s post. We have offered several approaches to convert OLM file to CSV format without encountering any difficulties. I hope you like reading the article. If you require the assistance of any kind, you can contact us at any time.