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How to Import EML to Microsoft Office 365 Account?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jun 27, 2022 • Import • 6 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you stuck in the EML to Office 365 import process? If so, stop looking for the same solution. This post describes a solution for Import EML to Office 365 Account situation. Read this post and keep an eye out for more info.

User Query: Hey! my name is Jennifer Working in an IT organization, I have many EML files and now I want to import all EML files into Office 365, which is the most reliable and valuable. So my data will be safe there and it’s also developed by Microsoft. But the problem is that I have no idea how this works. Someone, please help me out of this situation.
Thanks in advance!
Jennifer, United Kingdoms

The issue mentioned above is not an individual user problem. This is the most common user problem. Before discussing the solution, we will cover the reasons for this import EML file to Office 365 procedure.

What are the Reasons to Import EML to Office 365?

There are several reasons behind this procedure. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. Always organize your attachments in one place. This means that users will not have to search for old files.
  2. MS Office 365 provides a free and secure managed email service.
  3. Allow users to access and work with their data at any time.
  4. Office 365 is specifically designed for professional and self-employed users to help grow modern businesses.
  5. Users are given the option to share drafts so that their emails are reviewed before sending them to others.
  6. Microsoft Office 365 is a secure cloud storage secure email service that facilitates sending and receiving email options to users. Microsoft 365 provides, Word, Powerpoint and MS Excel Online tool.

Import EML to Office 365 Using Manual Solution

To work this manually, you need to go through the two steps. In the first step, you will need to export .eml file into Microsoft 365 PST format. When this process is complete, secondly, you will need to import the resultant file into your Microsoft Office 365 account.
By doing this, you will be able to see the data of the EML file into your O365 account. However, this task doesn’t guarantee of your data privacy. Even your emails can be modified automatically while performing this procedure.
So, to understand these two steps for this manual method, check out the next section.

Step 1: Export EML Files into Office 365 PST Format

  • First, open Windows Live Mail (WLM) and Windows Explorer
  • In Windows Explorer, open the folder containing the EML files and keep both windows visible
  • Now Drag all required EML files from Explorer and Paste into WLM Messages folder
  • Next, in WLM, go to File > > Export > > Email Message
  • Users must now select an option with MS Outlook or Exchange and click OK to import EML to Office 365
  • .

  • Outlook starts in the background. Select the ‘Selected Folders’ button to select the folder containing the EML files
  • .

  • After that, click the OK button and the Done tab to complete the process
  • Finally, check and allow users to view all available EML messages in Outlook.

Although the above method does not work in some cases, there are some limitations. They require Exchange Server availability, chance to attachment loss, and time takes for bulk EML file conversion.

Step 2: Import PST File to Microsoft Office 365

import eml to office 365

To complete the import EML to Office 365 process manually. Users can choose the network upload mode or the drive delivery mode. Although both methods are not recommended.

These methods are described on the official Microsoft website, see there for completing the steps:
Network Upload (It Requires Extra Effort)
Drive Shipping (Time Taking Procedure)

Why User Should Not Prefer Using Manual Solution?

There are many disadvantages that users will face while using the above-mentioned steps . Some limitations are mentioned here:

  1. Time Consuming Procedure: This method is time consuming and lengthy steps. The user needs to be very patient to do the job. It also has to follow a long process full of techniques.
  2. Fear of Data Loss: Users fear data loss. Users may lose important data with this method.
  3. No Direct Solution: As we can see that there is no direct solution in a manual process. The user must follow 2 steps to complete the job.

Therefore, to avoid these situations Professional solutions for importing EML into Office 365 should be better for hassle free solution.

Best Professional Approach for Import EML to Office 365

As mentioned above by using manual mode users will have to address the consequences of the solution individually. So, it’s best to use a professional solution BitResQ EML File Converter Software is the best professional solution for users: Technical use and non-technical. It is specifically designed for the process of importing EML into Office 365. Along with these, you will be able to perform the conversion of EML files into HTML format directly.

For Windows

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This tool has some advanced features that are helpful for users. Users can easily import bulk EML files into Office 365 with just a few steps. This tool can be easily used by any user. No special technical skills are required to operate this software. Emails can be imported with attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

Steps to Use EML to Office 365 Converter for Importing EML File

Before anything else, download the software to import EML files into Microsoft 365 account and then follow the steps-

  • Now, select either the Select File or Select Folder option to choose required EML files

import eml to office 365

  • Secondly, you just need to select the Office 365 option for converting

select office 365 option

  • After that, provide your Microsoft 365 credentials into the software panel

provide details

  • In the last step, tap on the Convert button, you will be notified when EML to O365 conversion will be completed.

import eml to office 365

Final Words

This article briefly describes a working solution for how you can import EML to Office 365. So, anyone of you looking for a solution for this task can refer to this blog post. Thinking about this topic we have discussed the reasons as well as both manual and professional approaches.

However, you can go through with both solutions to complete this task. But it is recommended not to use the manual process due to some limitations. Instead of it, use the mentioned automated method that gives you 100% accuracy in the output data.