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How to Migrate Outlook PST File to Office 365 Manually?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Mar 22, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Minutes Reading

When it comes to cloud computing, Microsoft is a well-known name. Today we are discussing about migrate PST File to Office 365. Working on cloud-based apps is now pretty straightforward. Users, on the other hand, encounter a number of obstacles when transferring locally stored data to the cloud.

Many customers desire to utilise Office 365 Powershell to migrate PST files. This procedure is rather difficult, and only those with a solid understanding of technological concepts will be able to achieve the necessary outcomes.

This article shows how to do this task using PowerShell in detail. Additionally, people who find this approach too onerous can choose the current option below. Let’s go right to the point and start with the reasons why users go through this procedure. Understanding the root of the problem can assist us in finding a practical solution.

Users Migrate PST File to Office 365 for variety of reasons

Users that operate in an on-premise setting can see why cloud computing is the way of the future. They’re looking for a trustworthy way to upload their data files from their systems to the cloud.

Several users’ data files have been corrupted. What should they do in this situation? You can start working from where you left off by migrating the backup you generated previously into the system. Users are also very interested in this issue because of this reason.

There are times when users discover files that are no longer relevant for a given length of time. As a result, people save these data on a hard drive to avoid paying for online storage. Users must afterwards migrate these files to the cloud storage if necessary. Another reason users do so is because of this.

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  • An active Office 365 tenant admin account.
  • The job of migrate Export Mailbox must be assigned to the appropriate admins.
  • High upload bandwidth is beneficial when uploading large files.

Powershell Method Phase – Migrate PST file to Office 365 Mailbox I carefully follow these instructions to successfully migrated PST file to Office 365. Failure will result if you skip any of the steps.

  1. In Office 365, go to Migrate Services and choose Data Migration.
  2. As seen in the image, select the Upload PST option.
  3. Select the Upload email messages (PST files) option from the “+” symbol.
  4. Select ‘Show network upload SAS URL’ from the drop-down menu.

Phase 2 of the PowerShell Method

The operation is now in its second phase. You’re probably thinking that this isn’t the ideal method for migrate PST file to Office 365. Yes, it is correct. Users looking for an open-source solution, on the other hand, have no other choice. Although the contemporary approach is also quite cost effective.

  1. Connect to the Azure Storage Explorer in the first step.
  2. In the provided field, type the Shared Access Signature (SAS) URL.
  3. When you input the SAS URL, the Connection Summary appears, as seen in the image.
  4. Migrate your PST files using the Azure Storage Explorer tool.
  5. To go to the next step, use these scripts.
  6. You’ll need a CSV file to map your mailboxes to their destinations after migrating the data to Azure storage.
  7. Finally, users must migrate that PST file in order to correctly map all of their mailboxes. Select the Finish option. Your files will be migrated to Office 365’s Online Archive.

Migrate File PST to Office 365 – Automated Method

Bitresq Software is an excellent technique to achieve desired outcomes in a complete manner. This is due to the fact that it falls under the area of automated solutions. An automated solution simply entails the use of a specially built instrument for a certain activity. It’s designed to make users’ lives easier by removing these PowerShell scripts.

This Software engineer developed a system that can automatically complete all of the essential procedures on its end, based on a thorough study. Users just need to issue commands based on their requirements. Selective migrate is also possible thanks to a variety of filters.

Because of the following features, people choose the automated way to migrate PST file to Office 365:

  • Migrating of numerous mailbox elements such as emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks is possible.
  • Include Folder allows you to relocate only the folders you want and leave the others behind.
  • This tool works nicely with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and the Windows operating system.
  • Advanced date filters and incremental migrate are not available with PowerShell.


This is a significant problem, and people are becoming increasingly irritated as a result of their inability to find a satisfactory solution. You may migrate PST file to Office 365 Powershell and receive correct results by following the instructions above. The manual approach, on the other hand, is time-consuming and long. This is why people should go for expert-recommended automated solutions first. Investing in future technologies is a great idea if you are looking for a much speedier answer.