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How Can I Remove Password from PDF Offline? Complete Guide

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Apr 19, 2022 • Remove • 4 Minutes Reading

You are here because you want to remove password from a PDF. A lot of users around the world widely want to erase the password from PDFs for their different types of needs.

On the contrary, we will explain to you one of the best and most expert-recommended techniques to remove passwords from PDFs in bulk.

In this digital world, the use of technology is growing day by day. PDF documents are becoming increasingly important in processing a variety of tasks. These days, PDF files are used to make things like infographics, payslips, invoices, bank statements, and so on.

Many companies have locked and secured PDFs with a password. To view and read these PDF files, first, you need to remove the PDF restrictions or delete the password from the PDF.

Let’s understand the real-time issues faced by the users.

Understand Why Users Remove Password from PDF Bank Statement

“Currently, I am working for an MNC company. I need a home loan. Therefore, I hired a loan agent for a home loan. He said to me, that the bank requires the last 6 months of bank statements in PDF format without having any password protection. After checking the bank statement, they decided whether my home loan would be approved or not. Now I want to remove the bank statement PDF password offline, but I don’t know how to do this. Please recommend me a professional but freeware solution to erase the password from Adobe PDF bank statement.”

How Many Different Types of PDF Passwords?

For security reasons, PDF passwords can be classified into two categories:

  1. User-Level – This password is a must to provide access to the PDF file. It is required to read the content. Without the user’s permission, it is difficult to unlock PDF files.
  2. Owner-Level – This password is required to copy, print, or edit the content. If you forget the owner-locked PDF password, then you can remove it by using the Google Chrome browser.

If your PDF file is locked with a password and restrictions, it means you cannot read, edit, share, or print unless the appropriate authorization has been granted to do so. Here we will provide you with multiple methods to delete the password from PDF without the password.

Manual Method to Remove Password from PDF

  1. Using Google Chrome
  2. Using Adobe Acrobat

Method 1: Remove PDF Password by Using Google Chrome

  1. Firstly, select the required PDF
  2. Secondly, right-click on the file and choose the “Open With” option
  3. Now choose Google Chrome from the menu.choose Google Chrome to remove password from PDF
  4. After that, the selected PDF file will open in the browser
  5. Now, right-click on the PDF file and choose the “Print” optionclick to print option
  6. Lastly, choose Save as PDF from the destination option and click the “Save” option.remove PDF password

After completing all the steps, you will get a new PDF file at the selected location.

Method 2: By Using Adobe Acrobat

Before processing the steps, keep in mind that Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your system.

  1. Open the PDF file in the Adobe Acrobat application
  2. Then go to File Tab >> Properties >> Permission Details
  3. Next, click on the “Security” tab
  4. remove password from PDF

  5. Choose the “No Security” option to remove the PDF password
  6. Therefore, choose “Remove Security” from the list
  7. click remove security option

  8. Finally, save the PDF file.


  1. A user cannot remove a password from a PDF in bulk.
  2. You need to repeat the same process again and again for each PDF.
  3. If you are using Adobe Acrobat, you will require a licensed copy of the software.
  4. And the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat is too expensive.

Method 3: Free & Trustworthy Solution to Remove Password from Multiple PDF Files

Using manual methods usually comes with some limitations, which is why we suggest that you use an automated third-party tool to help you get around them.

BitResQ PDF Document Unlocker software is able to remove password from PDFs offline. This tool simply removes passwords from PDFs in bulk without any modification. This software is designed in such a way that both technical and non-technical people can operate it easily.

It allows you to remove password from PDF bank statements for financial transactions.

Final Words

In this article, we explained both the manual and the professional ways of removing passwords from PDFs. Also, we mentioned a manual restriction to remove password from multiple PDFs. The manual method is incapable of removing passwords; it repeatedly prompts you for the password. But our software is capable to remove password from PDFs without any other passwords. It also works offline to remove PDF passwords.