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Best MDaemon Mailbox to Outlook PST Converter Solution

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Mar 12, 2022 • Converter • 5 Minutes Reading

I got many queries from a few days back about one of the best and direct MDaemon to PST converter to convert MDaemon mailbox.

It is well-known that Outlook has a large database of users, and it creates a PST file to store data such as emails and contacts.

To move data from one client to outlook, the user must first convert their data to the PST format before continuing. Because Outlook only supports PST file formats.

In a similar vein, many users wish to convert their MDaemon data into PST format to transfer it to an Outlook account. They just don’t know how to go about it. Because of this, they are seeking an MDaemon Mailbox to PST converter. We now have an incredible and comprehensive tool for MDaemon to PST conversion at our disposal.

“Hello there, I work for a company that saves its data using the MDaemon application. And we suffered a significant financial loss from the expensive licensed edition of MDaemon. We are currently considering a migration to Outlook, which offers incredible capabilities at a moderate cost. As a result, we’re looking for an MDaemon Mailbox to PST converter that can handle our large amount of data without difficulty. Please provide your recommendation as soon as possible.”
“Hey, I have several MDaemon files that I need to open. However, I just have Outlook installed on my computer. So, I’d want to convert MDaemon mailbox Outlook PST format. but I’m stumped as to how. Any suggestions for an ideal MDaemon to PST converter would be greatly appreciated.”

How to Convert MDaemon Mailbox to PST Manually?

Here we will use MDaemon Connector for Outlook, which is a default method for MDaemon to PST conversion. MDaemon provides this default tool. So, we will take the help of this tool, so we convert the MDaemon mailbox into 3 steps. All steps are provided below:

first, we will download and install the MDaemon Connector for Outlook, after that we will connect the tool to the Outlook account. And then we will export the PST file from Outlook.

Step 1: Download MDaemon Connector for Outlook

  1. Sign in to the MDaemon mailbox account
  2. Now choose the “Outlook Connector” >> “Download” button from the “Option” tab
  3. Choose the Destination to save and download the file
  4. Lastly, Install the tool.

Step 2: Connect MDaemon to Outlook Account

  1. Start the Control Panel and choose the “Mail” >> “Show Profile” button
  2. Next press on the “Add” button and type a “Name” >> “OK” icon
  3. Now choose the “Manually Configure Server Settings” option and add a “New Email Client” >> “Next” icon
  4. After that, select “Other” >> “Outlook Connector for MDaemon 4. x” “Server Type” >> “Next” icon
  5. Lastly, enter the details of “Account Settings and User Information” and click the “OK” icon.

Now your MDaemon to PST converter will connect to the Outlook account successfully. After that, all data of MDaemon data will appear on the Outlook accounts panel.

Next, we will export the PST file from the Outlook account. All steps are mentioned below:

Step 3: Export MDaemon Mailbox into PST

  1. Open Outlook and click on the “File” tab
  2. Now choose the “Open & Import” option and then select the “Import and Export” option
  3. Import and Export with MDaemon to PST converter

  4. Next, click on the “Export to a file” >> “Next” icon
  5. Export to a file

  6. After that, press on the “Outlook Data File (.PST)” and “Next
  7. press on the Outlook Data File (.PST)

  8. Now choose the MDaemon folder from the Outlook, which you want to export, and then Next
  9. choose the MDaemon folder from the outlook

  10. Next, browse the location to save the file and click on the “Ok” button.
  11. browse the location: MDaemon Mailbox to PST converter

Now you will get MDaemon data as a PST file on the selected location. But there are some limits while using MDaemon to PST converter.

Limitations Users will Face During the Process

  • The licensed MDaemon Outlook connector is prohibitively expensive to use.
  • This is not an affordable option for everyone.
  • The MDaemon Outlook connector can only be used by those who have the necessary technical knowledge.
  • The procedure is time-consuming and lengthy.
  • Additionally, one incorrect step will result in the loss of all data.

If you do now want to face any kind of problems, then we will show you the most recommended MDaemon Mailbox to PST converter to convert the MDaemon Mailbox to PST Format.

Incredible & Best MDaemon to PST Converter

Use one of the best and most incredible BitResQ Software for free. the software comes with amazing features for MDaemon to PST converter. like users can convert unlimited data from MDaemon in batch because there are no file size limitations.

The software preserves all email components and protects the on-disk Folder Hierarchy of MDaemon Mailboxes. Also, the MDaemon Mailbox to PST tool supports all Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and other previous versions.

So, users can download the free version to see how does the software works.

Final words

Several methods for MDaemon mailbox to Outlook conversion, as well as other inbox items, have been mentioned on this blog. You have the option to use the method of your choice and complete the process. However, if you prefer a more straightforward and time-saving method, MDaemon to PST converter is a good choice.