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How to Import OLM File to Mozilla Thunderbird Account Manually?

Import OLM File to Thunderbird
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 6, 2023 • Import • 6 Minutes Reading

In this article, we are going to discuss the easiest way to import OLM file to Thunderbird for Mac as a two-part method. So, here, you will get all your answers regarding importing Outlook for Mac OLM files to Mozilla Thunderbird. The best thing is that we will be explaining all the easiest method to perform this task.

However, the Windows Outlook and the Outlook for Mac both are quite different because of their data files. When we talk about the Mac Outlook it creates OLM file to store its mailbox data. Even its user interface is slightly different from the Outlook for Windows. The need to import OLM file arise when the subscription of the MS Office expires. So, the user left with two options, either use the OLM file in any free application or renew the subscription.

For the personal and professional purposes, people today use a variety of email programs. A few of them are for free and with great functionalities. For example, Mozilla Thunderbird desktop application.

But the fact is, Thunderbird application doesn’t support OLM files as it creates MBOX files. In this file format, it stores it’s all mailbox items. The best thing about the Mozilla Thunderbird its features that it allows you to operate it for free.

User Query: Import OLM File to Thunderbird

“I’ve had an Outlook for Mac for a long time and have a lot of emails stored locally. But, now I want to switch to Thunderbird profile for business reasons. However, both email applications use different platforms, so I cannot convert Mac Outlook email database to Mozilla Thunderbird directly, Can anyone suggest me a professional way without losing my data.”

“I also have to work from home for official reasons. My company just moved to Thunderbird. Since I work on a MacBook Pro with Outlook, I moved all the OLM files to one folder, however, I was unable to access them using Thunderbird. Can anyone provide a reputable converter that can easily import OLM file to Thunderbird Mac profiles? Please provide feedback as soon as possible.”

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Why User Need to Import OLM to Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is popular among users due to its features, which include:

  • Excellent IMAP support.
  • Provides a quick search bar where you can find the text you are looking for in a few characters with one click.
  • has automatic updates Compared to Mac Outlook.
  • Support PGP and enhanced encryption.
  • Phishing filters alert you if websites appear to be using personal information.
  • Filter your inbox.
  • Text color code.
  • Kerberos is a user authentication system.
  • It has an enhanced message management system and tabbed interface. This allows you to load links in different tabs. in the message panel.
  • You need Smart Folders and Address Book.
  • Built-in RSS support.
  • Includes unread folder display that makes it easy to target folders that need attention.
  • Usenet is powerful software in itself.
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Way to Import Files from OLM to Thunderbird Account

To import OLM files into Thunderbird, we have covered two manual and professional solutions in this blog. You can choose either of the two methods that work for you.

Using the Drag and Drop Solution Manually

We have divided this method into three steps. In the first step, we will show you how to import files from Mac Outlook, then in the second step. We will show you how to convert OLM to MBOX and finally I will Import the result file into Thunderbird and see how it goes.

Phase 1: Import OLM Files from Mac Outlook Application

  1. To begin, launch Outlook for Mac Machine
  2. After that, go to the Tool tab and choose Import from the drop-down menu
    choose the tool for import OLM file to Thunderbird
  3. It now asks, “What do you wish to import?” Choose “Outlook for Mac archive file .olm” from the drop-down menu and import the OLM file that displays.
    click on the olm file option

In Phase 2: Convert Imported Files from MBOX Format

  1. On your computer, launch Outlook for Mac
  2. Now choose the folder and drag it into the screen
  3. Finally, an MBOX file will appear on your desktop.

Phase 3: Import Converted Files from Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Firstly open the Thunderbird application on your machine
  2. After that, download the ImportExportTool NG add-on and install it on your thunderbird application
    download importexporttool ng add-ons
  3. Then, Select the left panel with a right-click
  4. Then choose ImportExportTools NG >> Import MBOX file, from the ImportExportTools NG menu
    right click on the left panel to import OLM to Thunderbird
  5. Choose “Import directly one or more MBOX files” and then hit the OK button
    click ok button
  6. After that, choose the MBOX file you just saved.
    select mbox file

Now your OLM files will be Imported to Thunderbird Account, If you want to know more about importing mbox files into Thunderbird, then you can read by visiting our other blog.

Limitation of Manual Solution

  1. The machine must have a fully configured Outlook for Mac installed.
  2. It’s conceivable that the hierarchy won’t be maintained.
  3. Great for certain data kinds, but not for massive volumes of data.

Import OLM File to Thunderbird Professionally

If Mac OS users want to avoid the problem, they should use automated software such as BitResQ Mac OLM File Converter Application to convert OLM files imported to Thunderbird format. This program gives users access to some of the most amazing and powerful features available.

So, you can import an unlimited amount of data including attachments from Outlook for Mac. There is no file size limit on OLM or MBOX files. Moreover, the program has an easy-to-use interface that can be used by both technical and non-technical users. Because there are many features, this solution is popular among information technology professionals. As it provide an option to Convert OLM to PDF file format without any hassle.

For Windows

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For Mac

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Instant Steps to Import Batch Mac OLM Files to Thunderbird

Initially, you need to download the software from the official site. Just after downloading and installing it properly follow the steps –

  • Now, choose the Select Files or Select Folders option and tap the Next button

import olm file to thunderbird

  • Afterwards, from the next screen on the software panel, choose Thunderbird option

select thunderbird

  • Now, choose the Destination Path option to preserve the resultant file safely

destination path

  • Finally, mouse-click on the Convert button to complete the entire process.

import olm file to thunderbird


The OLM file may need to be converted at any time. However, it all depends on your conditions for the Mac OLM file. In some cases, you might not aware how to import OLM file to Thunderbird. Hence, we have discussed two effective solutions that specialize in this type of task. So, you can choose any, but if you want to import a large number of OLM files, we suggest you to go for the professional method. It can import a large number of Outlook for Mac OLM files into Mozilla Thunderbird at once without losing any data.