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How to Read Outlook Email Header Manually on Windows and Mac?

Read Outlook Email Header
Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 22, 2022 • Reader • 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you looking for a solution to read Outlook email header? If you want to know how you can analyze it without any data change, then you should go through this article. Here, you will learn different ways to perform this procedure.

Being a popular email client, almost every business uses the MS Outlook application for communication. On daily basis, its users receive or send emails to others. When a person receives an email, it does not just contain the content, but some attached files, or its headers also. When it comes to the header part of any email, it plays an important role in any investigation purpose. By checking or analyzing the header information all email details can be tracked in detail.

User Query: Hey, I have got multiple Outlook emails to investigate, and I need to check their headers. To check them out, I don’t have a Microsoft Outlook subscription. So, I’m looking for a way that let me check Outlook email header without the Outlook application. If there is any professional solution for analyzing headers then let me know.

What is Outlook Email Header?

The email header is the part of an email in the file, therefore, Outlook emails also have headers that need to be checked sometimes.

There could be any need for analyzing the header part carefully like for some investigation. So, by checking this important part of any Outlook email, the investigator can know the details in a precise manner. Like, the contacts information or route information can be really helpful in an investigation as a shred of evidence. However, it is automatically added by the server for each email separately.

By reading and analyzing the Outlook email header, you can understand the route of the email message and email spoofing and spamming. Because checking this type of information you will get to know about the email manipulation in the headers of both senders and receivers.

Manual Way to Read Outlook Email Header

However, you can easily analyze the Email header of the MS Outlook of any received email to get any required information. Although no email header is normally available to access. Therefore, you should follow the following steps to check Outlook email header manually-

  • Initially, open your Microsoft Outlook desktop application on Windows or Mac OS
  • Then, just choose the required email for which you want to check the email header
  • Now, once the message opens, go to the File tab from the menu bar
  • From the next window, select the Properties section
  • Finally, you can analyze the email header of MS Outlook with a proper internet connection in the Internet Header box. Do this procedure for each email of MS Outlook and check its header.

Limitations of the Manual Approach for Analyzing

There are certain limitations that you will face while using this manual method to read Outlook email header, such as-

  • You must have proper installation and configuration of the MS Outlook application on your Windows or Mac machine.
  • Moreover, there should be a proper internet connection while performing this entire procedure.
  • Also, an MS Outlook subscription is a must, if the subscription expired you can’t use this manual method for analyzing.

Free Way to Analyze & Read Outlook Email Header

To overcome such limitations of the above method, for you, we have come up with a professional solution. This solution will serve you the best functions to check Outlook email header. Moreover, using this BitResQ Outlook PST File Viewer Software you can easily open PST file without Outlook and read their email headers.

Apart from this, it is best suited for all versions of Mac and Windows machines. This free software will let you resolve if you cannot access Outlook data file. So, it would be easier for you all to access the email and then analyze its header for free that too without any change in data.

There are multiple preview modes if you just want to analyze the particular email and its content. Even all the attachments can be checked without affecting their format. So, operate this tool without any need for hard-core technical knowledge and check any header of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, or earlier versions.

Features of the Freeware Advanced Tool

  1. This free solution is quite easy to understand and operate on any operating machine.
  2. Moreover, it provides you multiple view options to check Outlook email header without Outlook installation.
  3. Likewise, there will be no change in any email or its header, because of the advanced security of this automated tool.
  4. Additionally, you can read Outlook email header either on your Windows machine or Mac machine irrespective of their versions.
  5. Also, it will let you preview the attached files of the Outlook emails with all the properties.

Guide to Check Outlook Email Header without Email Client

To analyze the headers of a Outlook PST file, first download the software. After this, follow the steps to check out Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 emails headers information-

  • Initially, run the tool on either Windows or Mac machine

run the tool on window or mac

  • In the second step, mouse-click the Add File option from the initial screen

read Outlook email header

  • So, after the successfully file uploading, you can easily read Outlook emails, contacts, etc.

check all outlook data

  • Also, you can read Outlook email headers using different preview modes, like Hex view, HTML, Message Header, attachments, and more.

read Outlook email header


When it comes to analyzing email headers, most people consider them as an important part of any data evidence. Therefore, when it comes to read Outlook email header, it helps the investigators to get the evidence adequately. For the same, we have discussed all possible methods in this article today. So, you can either use the manual long way to check Outlook email header. Or just go for the professional freeware software to check out the header properly without any email client.