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Know How to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Jul 5, 2023 • Archive • 6 Minutes Reading

Outlook 365 is a brilliant web-based version of the user-trusted MS Outlook application. It comes with the Office 365 productivity suite for simplifying usual working tasks for users around the world. Many Users want to learn how to archive emails in Outlook 365. We are getting these queries from users around the world for quite some time now. The major reason for this is users often get their mailboxes filled up with emails & run out of storage space.

This comprehensive guide is offering you the solution to do so using the most advanced ways. Moreover, if you are looking for free ways to get your desired results, we are going to explain that too. There’s a myth among users that In-place archives free up space in mailboxes. This is also going to be part of our discussion. Without wasting any time, let’s start with understanding why do users want to undergo such operations.

Needs for Learning How to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 Safely

Users want to perform this task due to several reasons. Not all but the most common ones are mentioned below in this section to understand this operation better. These needs may change from user to user.

  • Creating space in the Cloud Server
    Mircosoft offers limited space to users as per their subscription plans. However, if users exceed the storage limit, they need to upgrade the plan or pay in accordance with the retention policy of Microsoft. To avoid such charges it’s always a better way to save data locally & create space in mailboxes on the Cloud.
  • Adding an Extra Layer of Security
    Data being vital for businesses in this modern era must be protected at any cost. Hence, having an extra copy of your data files with you gives assurity for data safety. Even though Microsoft claims their data centers to be 360° secured, it’s always better to walk one step ahead.
  • Accessing Data Anytime from Anywhere
    If you are having your data with you, you can access it from anywhere & at any given point of time. Even if you are out of internet services, an offline copy of files provides you 24×7 access to your data. This is a major reason why users want to undergo such an operation.

Learn the Conventional Method to Execute the Task

This section explains how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive using the most simple technique. Users just need to configure their Office 365 account in the MS Outlook application & follow the basic steps written below.

Step-1. Select all the Emails to want to save in the archive folder >> Right Click >> Click on Archive.


Step-2. Now, Go to File >> Select Tools >> Click on Clean Up Old Items in the drop-down menu.


Step-3. Now, in the popped-up window, Select the Folder that you want to archive & Provide the Destination Folder path where you want to save it.


That’s it. This is the easiest way to get your desired results if executed each & every step carefully.

Does In place Archive Really Free Up Cloud Space?

Users with incomplete knowledge claim that Office 365 In-place archive frees up cloud storage space. However, that is not true. It frees up the primary mailbox & stores data in the In-Place archive mailbox which is still on the same server.

Microsoft offers 1.5TB of storage space in their In-Place archive mailbox feature. Let’s learn how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to free up space from the primary mailbox using this feature.

Step-1. Go to Office 365 Admin Center panel, Click on the Expand Admin button & then Click on the Exchange button.


Step-2. Click on Mailbox, in the Recipients section & move to the next step.


Step-3. From the available list, Select the Mailboxes you want to archive. 


Step-4. Go to the In-Place Archive option on the left side & Click on Enable.

how to archive emails in Outlook 365 step-4

Limitations Of Executing the Operation Manually

There are plenty of drawbacks that users have to face if they opt for the manual method. This is also the reason why experts do not recommend going this way. IT professionals have already switched towards the modern solution that we are going to explore next. However, first, we need to get aware of these drawbacks. Understanding the limitations is equally important as learning how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to free up space.

  • Manual methods are slow as a snail. They take hours to execute a task that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. This is because these solutions are open-source & of outdated technology. It affects the overall efficiency of the organization.
  • Nobody likes getting stuck in between the process. Opting for the manual way can let you experience various errors & multiple complexities. This is why new users feel this method to be tricky and get confused easily.
  • Your data is not secured totally if you are using manual ways to get expected results. Failure to execute the operation may result in severe data loss. Hence it is better to avoid such solutions.
  • There are no filters & useful features present in the manual method which makes it quite basic. This also becomes the reason for the poor user experience for performing the operation.

One Step Towards the Modern Solution

The modern solution includes using the automated solutions made dedicatedly for executing this particular task without any errors. BitResQ offers such advanced utility equipped with various filters to eliminate unnecessary steps involved in the process. This utility is capable of solving the user query “how to archive emails in Outlook 365” with unmatched accuracy.

The advantages of opting for the automated solution include eliminating all the limitations present in the manual solution. Moreover, it makes the entire operation must faster. Security is one of the features why IT experts recommend this utility for archiving your Outlook 365 emails securely.

The Final Judgement

Now, we know the needs of users that make them undergo such an operation. We also showed the various methods of performing this task in an efficient manner. Now we can say that users know how to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive. Always remember that the modern solution is better than the manual ones. To justify this statement you can check out the limitations that the manual method possesses.