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Convert Gmail MBOX to PST in Easy Steps using Various Free Ways

February 10th, 2022 ~ Convert ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Looking for a way to convert Gmail MBOX to PST for free? If so; you have reached the right location. We offer several excellent methods to get your desired activity done quickly and easily. So, let’s start by going through them one by one.

Convert Gmail MBOX to PST by Free Techniques

The first method to convert the Gmail MBOX folder to PST for free is to use the Thunderbird email client and Outlook email client.

Yes, these two accounts are compatible with your existing files as well as the files you want to create.

Because Thunderbird uses the MBOX file format, you must first import your MBOX from Gmail into the Thunderbird email client. Outlook, on the other hand, uses the PST file format, so you’ll need this account to convert your Gmail .mbox. As a consequence, let’s start by describing how they should complement each other to get the desired result.

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Thunderbird & Outlook to Convert Gmail MBOX to PST

Step 1: Import MBOX Files into Thunderbird

  • Open your Thunderbird account on your device
  • Select Tools >> ImportExportTools NG >> Import MBOX file from the menu bar
    click import export function to select mbox
  • Select the import method and click OK
    select import method click ok
  • Make a selection of the MBOX file
    select mbox file
  • Thunderbird’s Local Folders will now include the MBOX.
    included mbox files

Thus, your Gmail MBOX files have been imported into your Thunderbird account.

Step 2: Drag & Drop Emails from Thunderbird

Now all you have to do is drag and drop the emails you want to convert to PST. Yes, they will be stored in the EML format when you drag and drop them. Yes, you must first create a separate folder for each of your Gmail MBOX emails and then save them to it.

Step 3: Importing Gmail MBOX Emails into Outlook

  • First, you must log in to your Outlook account
  • Now, left-click on the Outlook Data File, and then click New Folder when the additional window appears
  • Now give your newly formed folder a name that suits you
  • You must now drag and drop all of the emails you have pulled from your Thunderbird account.

Your Outlook Data folder will be created once you’ve dragged and dropped all of the emails into it. Following that, you must export the newly generated folders, which will be stored in the PST file format.

Import/Export Function to Export a Folder from Outlook

  • Select File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export from the File menu
  • Select Next after selecting Export to a file
  • Click Outlook Data File (….) from the drop-down menu
  • Select Next after selecting the mail folder you wish to back up
  • Select Finish after selecting a location and a name for your backup file.

Thus, this is the first way to convert Gmail MBOX to PST free.

Now, let’s have a look at another method you might employ. This extra method utilizes a variety of various accounts to generate your PST files, the very first of which is Apple Mail. Therefore, let us begin.

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Convert Gmail MBOX Emails to PST using Apple Mail

Step 1: Open Apple Mail and Import Mailbox

  • Open Apple Mail on your computer
    open apple mail to convert gmail mbox to pst
  • Select File >> Import mailbox from the File menu
    click import mailbox option
  • Now pick the MBOX file’s source and click proceed
    select mbox files
  • Choose the MBOX file from the browse location menu, then proceed further
    choose mbox files
  • When the import is finished, click Done.
    click done

Step 2: Utilize Eudora to Create a Mailbox

  • Include the MBOX file extension with the imported file
  • For instance, XYZMBOX must be replaced by xyzMBOX.mbx
  • This should be placed in the Eudora directory. The file is located in the following directory by default: “C: Documents and Settings user >> Application DataQualcommEudora”
  • Then, open Eudora and double-click on XYZMBOX.mbx.

Step 3: Using Outlook Express, Import Mailbox

  • Initiate Outlook Express
  • Afterward, navigate to File >> Import >> Messages
  • Select Eudora from the list of available email clients and then click Next
  • Now, navigate to the location of the ‘.mbox’ file and click OK. Finally, click Continue, then again on Continue, and finally Finish the process
  • The imported data can be utilized in Outlook Express’s Local Folders.

Step 4: Import Outlook Express Mailbox into MS Outlook

  • To export files, Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Now, navigate to File and then select Import and Export
  • After selecting import from “another file and folder”, click Next
  • Following that, select Import Internet Mail and Addresses and click Next
  • “Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or window mail” should be selected. Click Next and then select the file to import and export from the browser option
  • Now the process is Completed.

Thus, our talk closes; these are the methods for converting Gmail MBOX emails to PST for free. You may choose any of them according to your preferences and requirements.

As you can see, these methods need the use of specific email programs, such as Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Outlook, respectively, and if you have them, you may convert Gmail MBOX to PST free.

Additionally, these methods are quite time-demanding, as you can see from the lengthy procedure mentioned above, and the time required increases exponentially with the quantity of data you have.

Therefore, if you are unsure about these methods and looking for one that is simple to use and will assist you in completing your work without forcing you to go through lengthy processes or having a variety of different email clients, you may go into BitResQ MBOX Converter Tool.

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In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with several options to convert Gmail MBOX to PST free. You can employ these methods, which need the usage of one or more free email applications. You can complete your assignment entirely for free by utilizing a client manual way. Therefore, please evaluate each one and choose which one is the best fit for you and needs the least amount of time.